Battlefield 2042 Controller Not Working

[2023 Fix] Battlefield 2042 Controller Not Working (Xbox and PlayStation PS)

Battlefield 2042 was an actual dead game for the time being, till Electronic Arts (EA), the developer of the series, went ahead and rolled out the new Season 6, with major updates around the game’s stability, bugs, and technical issues.

While most of them were fixed, the Battlefield 2042 Controller Not Working on PC is something that remains, unfortunately, unhinged. Xbox Controller Not Working is a different debate, but most notably the PlayStation DualSense players were having trouble while running on the PC version of Battlefield 2042.

There could be various reasons behind it, but the primary one is Microsoft Windows viewing the PS Controller as an Xbox Controller, showing Xbox Controller Prompts on the PS Controller and hence, both not working. There is a simple fix you can go through and troubleshoot it.

[2023 Fix] Battlefield 2042 Controller Not Working (Xbox and PlayStation PS)

How to Fix Battlefield 2042 Controller Not Working?

To Fix the Battlefield 2042 Controller Not Working, head over to Steam>Library>Right Click Tekken>Properties>Controller>Disable Steam Input.

Steam reads your PlayStation DualSense controller as an Xbox Controller on Windows, not allowing it to work properly, and sometimes it doesn’t show input buttons.

So, simply heading over to the Steam Controller Options and disabling the Steam Input allows you to fix this issue.


  • Open Steam
  • Go to Steam Library
  • Right-click on Battlefield 2042
  • Go to Properties
  • Click on Controller
  • Disable the Steam Input

If the options are not showing, or this trick doesn’t work for you, simply open Steam in the Big Picture Mode and from there go to the Controller Settings. Now, you will have a lot more options showing up. Disable them, and you will be able to fix the Battlefield 2042 Controller Not Working for both Xbox and PlayStation controllers on PC.

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