Battlefield 2042 Controller Not Working

Battlefield 2042 Achievements Not Working, Unlocking

Battlefield 2042, a popular First Person Shooter (FPS), from Electronic Arts, recently had a major update that fixed the game, and hence, the player count started shooting through the roof. The game is 2 years old, but due to the issues in multiplayer and the game’s stability, players couldn’t enjoy a seamless Battlefield experience.

Battlefield 2042 Achievement Not Working and Unlocking is an issue revealed to the players after the recent update to the game. As per the problem, you won’t unlock achievements anymore, which is a bummer because most players play the game to get achievements unlocked.

Battlefield 2042 Achievements Not Working, Unlocking

Why are Achievements Note Unlocking in Battlefield 2042?

It is pretty normal for the game’s major updates to take away certain aspects of the game. After the update, it certainly is the game achievement system that crashed and doesn’t work anymore.

So, the genuine reason behind the Battlefield 2042 Achievement Not Unlocking or Working is the game itself.

Can you Fix Battlefield 2042 Achievements Not Working or unlocking?

Currently, there is no fix for the Achievement Not Working, or Unlocking in the game. But you can try to change the display mode from Fullscreen to Borderless Windowed or other modes as well.

This does fix other issues in the game at the moment like a Black Screen, or the game not launching, and crashing after the match ends. Therefore, you can try to do that and hope that it fixes the issue.

Otherwise, you will have to wait for a patch from Electronic Arts (EA), the developers of Battlefield Franchise.

Battlefield 2042 Achievements Not Working, Unlocking

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