A Helldivers 2 Guide to Armor Piercing Weapons

A Helldivers 2 Guide to Armor Piercing Weapons

In the intense battles of Helldivers 2, having the right weapons with armor-piercing capabilities can make a significant difference. These specialized weapons are designed to penetrate heavy armor and deal devastating damage to enemies. Let’s take a closer look at some of the armor-piercing weapons available in Helldivers 2:

Before we dive into the arsenal, let’s understand the enemy’s defense system. Bugs come in three armor classes, each requiring different levels of punch:

Light Armor 

These are your basic grunts and scuttlers. Think of them as the unarmored horde – most weapons can handle them.

Medium Armor

Now things get tougher. Think heavier bugs, cyborgs with plating, and anything that looks like it could take a punch (and give one back). You’ll need dedicated armor-piercing weapons here.

Heavy Armor

Bosses and elite enemies wear this. Imagine a walking tank made of chitin and bad intentions. Specialized options are crucial for these armored behemoths.

Armor Piercing Weapons

Light Armor Slayers

The Liberator

Your trusty starting assault rifle. It’s like a jack-of-all-trades, good against basic enemies and decent against lightly armored ones. Think of it as your everyday bug blaster.

A Helldivers 2 Guide to Armor Piercing Weapons

Breaker and Punisher Shotgun

The Breaker Shotgun is a powerful weapon ideal for close-quarter combat situations. It excels at taking down armored enemies, especially when they have exposed weak spots. With its high damage output, the Breaker Shotgun is a favorite among players facing tough adversaries.

A Helldivers 2 Guide to Armor Piercing Weapons

The Punisher Shotgun is another shotgun variant that excels at close-range combat. Its armor-piercing capabilities allow players to break through enemy defenses and deal significant damage up close. When facing swarms of armored foes, the Punisher Shotgun can be a lifesaver.

Medium Armor Piercing

AR-23P Liberator Penetrator

This is your Liberator’s older, meaner cousin. It packs a punch specifically designed to pierce medium armor, making it a great all-rounder for tougher situations.

A Helldivers 2 Guide to Armor Piercing Weapons

Plasma Rifle

This beauty melts through medium armor with sustained fire. Imagine a mini sunbeam that vaporizes bugs instead of sunbathers (don’t try that at home, please).

A Helldivers 2 Guide to Armor Piercing Weapons

Recoilless Rifle

Need to deal AoE armor damage? This rocket launcher delivers. It’s slow to reload, but the explosive blast can clear out groups of armored enemies and leave them begging for mercy (or rather, oblivion).

A Helldivers 2 Guide to Armor Piercing Weapons

Heavy Armor Annihilators


The king of single-target damage. This bad boy fires a laser so powerful it can punch through even the thickest armor, leaving a smoking hole where the enemy once was. Just be careful, it has a tendency to overheat and, well, explode in your face (friendly fire is not recommended).

A Helldivers 2 Guide to Armor Piercing Weapons

Anti-Material Rifle

This sniper rifle is your long-range answer to heavily armored threats. Imagine taking down a boss from across the map with a single, well-placed shot (just don’t miss, the reload time is longer than a bug’s lifespan).

A Helldivers 2 Guide to Armor Piercing Weapons

Impact Grenade

For Helldivers looking to unleash explosive firepower against armored targets, the Impact Grenade is a top choice. With its ability to penetrate armor upon detonation, this grenade is effective at clearing out clusters of enemies and creating opportunities for allies to advance.

Final Words

Armor-piercing weapons play a crucial role in the arsenal of Helldivers 2 players. From shotguns and pistols to grenades and specialized firearms like the Railgun, these weapons offer the firepower needed to overcome heavily armored adversaries and emerge victorious in challenging battles. By utilizing these weapons strategically, players can turn the tide of combat in their favor and achieve success in their missions.

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