Aliens Dark Descent Marine Classes Guide

Aliens Dark Descent Marine Classes Guide

Aliens Dark Descent provides players with multiple classes. There are a total of 5 different classes here. It becomes quite troublesome for some individuals to learn about all those classes from playing the game itself. Here, is our Aliens Dark Descent Marine Classes Guide, where we share with you the details of all of these classes.

Aliens Dark Descent Marine Classes Guide

How to unlock classes in Aliens Dark Descent?

You start the game as a marine, but once you progress in the game you gain levels. After a specific level, you have the ability to choose a class. That choice is present in the barracks on how to level them up when you reach that specific level and promote the marine.

What are all the classes in Aliens Dark Descent?

In the barracks, you can see that there are different classes. Just like we mentioned before, there are a total of 5 different classes here. These being;

  • Sergeant
  • Medic
  • Tecker
  • Recon
  • Gunner

From the top to bottom the importance or the authority is spread. The sergeant is the leader here and the Gunner is the last one. Then comes Rookie who is at the lowest level.

When a leader is killed, not available, unconscious, or can’t fight, then the next one becomes the leader.

As to every information related to the classes, you can utilize the command deck that can be accessed from the bottom left. That would be the codex and can be accessed on PS by using the L2.

After you have unlocked classes, you can see that there will be an assistance tab here. All 5 classes are defined here in these sections.

Aliens Dark Descent Marine Classes Guide

Now, let’s explain each of those in short sentences so you get an estimate of what is so special.


Seargent is the main class in the game and the most important one. Related to the bravery of the team and as you proceed in the game things become horrifying.

Seargent helps you tackle stressful situations, keeping the panic and the stress meter in check.


After Seargent, Medic comes to mind. To keep the squad in good shape, you will require a Medic. Basically a first aid in the game that keeps the team alive for longer.


The most recognizable class in Aliens Dark Descent is a Gunner. He comes with that additional fire support. You get a better arsenal as you progress, making the firepower more devastating.


The brain of the team is a Tecker. He is basically the intelligent one providing resources and brains to the Marines.

He can hack things and provide sentry based benefits to the team as well.


To keep the squad in a safer situation we have here Recon Class. There are mods that you can utilize with the recon to tackle certain situations like infestations.

He is the deadly master scout of the whole squad, providing a plan to utilize the multiple tools.

Aliens Dark Descent Marine Classes Guide

The Verdict

Now, you know everything about the classes from our Aliens Dark Descent Marine Classes Guide. One important factor to mention is that you will require all of these classes here, but some will be on a higher level than others. You can’t keep all of them at the same level, as their utilization is different. There is no class that is more important than others. It depends on yourself, what you like to play with more than the other, based on your play style. Hope this guide helped you make a choice.

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