Are Tarik and Pokimane Dating?

Are Tarik and Pokimane Dating?

We have seen Tarik and Pokimane playing Duo together for quite some time, but have you ever wondered Are Tarik and Pokimane Dating? In short, no, they are not dating, but it is something much more complex than just a no, or a yes. Let’s get to it.

Who is Pokimane and is She Single?

Pokimane is one of the leading e-girl streamers on Twitch and also has a large following on YouTube. She comes from a Canada-Morocco mixed background and plays various games including LoL (League of Legends), Fortnite, and Valorant.

Is Pokimane Single?

Yes, as of right now Pokimane is single, as she doesn’t have a BF (Boy Friend). In late 2021, Pokimane was found hanging out with Kevin on her channel more often than usual.

It is hard to keep things private when you are a big streamer like Pokimane, and there were rumors about Kevin and Pokimane Dating. But, unfortunately, she rejected all the claims, and things became awkward ever since.

Pokimane, the biggest female e-game streamer is single

Who is Tarik and is He Single?

Tarik is a male e-sports champion for C9, being the MVP for ELEAGUE Major Boston. He is a Turkish National, but he lives in America and played under American Flag. Also, he is a popular e-sports streamer on Twitch, and content creator on YouTube, playing mostly the FPS genre like Valorant, CSGO (former), CS2, Apex, and so on.

Wondering why the CSGO Sequel is called CS2 instead of CSGO 2? Check out the details here.

Is Tarik Celik Single?

Yes, as of right now Tarik is completely single, but he has been single most of the time throughout his career. But, Tarik Celik had one particular girlfriend he kept private and lasted for 1 year.

Later on, no one saw Tarik with anyone ever again. He might be keeping it private, as he is a hard dude, but it is highly unlikely.

Tarik, the former C9 MVP Winner for CSGO Major, is also single.

Why are there speculations on Tarik and Pokimane Dating?

We all have to agree on the fact that Tarik is a funny and charming dude. He is always there making others laugh and lifting them with his sarcasm. But, on the other side, his achievements in e-sports speak for his skills and popularity.

On various occasions, Tarik was seen inviting Pokimane for a duo. The first time he said it, he started speaking in a deeper manly tone to Pokimane, which the audience instantly noticed.

Tarik calling Pokimane for a Duo on Valorant

Later on, this was the same reaction of Tarik to Pokimane when he called her for a Duo. The same was the reaction of Pokimane, as she noticed it and addressed it to Tarik in a funny way. Pokimane even wanted Tarik to coach her on various occasions.

Pokimane hired Tarik Celik as her Valorant Coach and Duo

Therefore, the fans or the audience started speculating that something was going on between these two. Well, is it?

Are Tarik and Pokimane Dating?

No, Tarik and Pokimane are not dating and neither are they in a BF/GF relationship. They are just good friends or you can say, professional content creators. Tarik is known as the King of Content, and Pokiman was formally the biggest Female Streamer on the planet.

Both know how to gain the attention of the viewers, how to increase the count, and how to pitch audience. While Tarik was the one who played his part in being a simp, Pokimane carried on with the act.

Neither is Tarik a simp, as he is just too nice and makes short clips for content, while Pokimane knows how to lure the male audience into throwing their cash. It is all just a play. Both are acting this way to get viral.

Pokimane messaging Tarik Celik on Valorant

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