How to Fix Instagram Copy Link not showing

How to Fix Instagram Copy Link not showing

Instagram has always been about sharing your thoughts, feelings, and life with others. Well, you can also copy the link from one post and then share it throughout other social media platforms with your friends and family members. But sometimes there is an issue with the Instagram Copy Link not showing, missing, or working properly and here we have a fix for that.

This is quite similar to the Instagram Highlights Not Showing on your account, or the Double Tap Not Working to like posts.

Previously everyone would be able to share the post by pressing on the three dots on the post and then pressing on the share option. You can copy the link to the post by pressing the Link button. Its link goes to the clipboard and from there you can copy that post link.

Now, users have reported an issue where you can’t actually copy the link, or share it with others. No one knows why that’s happening, whether it is from the app developers or your smartphone. 

Copy Link Option missing on Instagram

The Copy Link option you found previously on Instagram was moved by the developers and you will see that option after the update. Just like we mentioned, you had to press the three dots before.

Now, you have to click on the Share Icon present on the post. On the Three dots, right above that, you will see a Paper Plane icon. Select that and you will be able to share the link. 

What happened to the three dots? Well, it now has only a single option which is “Save”, meaning you can get the post saved on your smartphone.

Now the Fix is simple! You just have to find the link from somewhere else or more accurately, the Share Icon. After tapping on the share icon on your Instagram Post, you will find the “Copy Link” option. 

By clicking on that, you will get the link to the post, story or reel, or anything else on Instagram. This icon can be found symbolized by a paper plane icon above the dots. 

  • Open Instagram App
  • Go to the post, story, or reel you want to copy the link for
  • Above the three dots, you will find a paper plane
  • Click on that
  • Copy the Link

Share! Simple steps, nothing too complex here.

How to Fix Instagram Copy Link not showing


So that’s How to Fix Instagram Copy Link not showing or missing. Instagram moved that in their latest update from the three dots to the paper plane. You can just copy the link from there and get onwards with your business of sharing the link around.

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