Armored Core 6 Controller Not Working

Armored Core 6 Controller Not Working

Armored Core 6 (AC6) was recently released, and players using their controllers are not happy. Whether you have the PS Controller or Xbox, both are going to mention Armored Core 6 Controller Not Working issue. Don’t worry, here in this guide, we are going to share details on How to Fix the Armored Core 6 Controller Issue.

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About Armored Core 6

You probably know “From Software”, if you are even a bit into gaming, or you could know them as the makers of “Souls Series” and “Bourne Series”, as in Dark Souls, Blood Bourne, and the latest “Elden Ring”.

Well, their latest take on video gaming is a new concept that goes by the name of Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. It is a Mech-Based Vehicular Combat.

You pick your own Giant Robot and become its pilot, taking control, which are also referred to as the Armored Cores. There is a ton of flexibility provided by the developers when it comes to their modifications.

You can pretty much change a ton of things, making that machine, your own. There are specific builds just like in their other games, due to these same enhancements or freedom to change.

Either you take on the role of a tank, or go full-on damage, it is totally on you. There is a story and a lure here, just like their other “Master Pieces”, but it isn’t quite like Souls Games.

We can’t break that down for you, as it will take away all the fun, that makes this game special, but rest assured, “From Software” got it covered. Also, the game is in 3rd Person Perspective, just like their previous Game of the Year.

Armored Core 6 Controller Not Working

Fix Armored Core 6 Controller Not Working

The real issue in Armored Core 6 is that the inputs are not recognized and, therefore, not changed automatically. To Fix Armored Core 6 Controller Not Working, you will have to go to the Input in Settings and change to Controller from there.

In case this doesn’t fix the issue, then there are other things that you can try out.

Disable the Frame Limit

The first thing you should try when your Armored Core 6 controller isn’t working is disabling the frame limit. This setting can reduce your performance, leading to issues with your controller. To disable the frame limit, go to the graphics menu and change it to Uncapped.

Check Your Controller Batteries

If your controller isn’t working, it could be due to dead or low batteries. Use your laptop’s battery tester to check if the batteries have gone bad and replace them if necessary.

Reconnect Your Controller

If you’re using a USB cable or wired controller, make sure to reconnect it to your computer before starting the game. This will ensure that your controller is communicating with the game correctly and fix any lag or drifting issues.

Turn off Your Controller When Not in Use

If your controller isn’t working, try unplugging it from your computer and plugging it back in before starting the game. This will ensure that your controller is communicating with the PC correctly and fix any issues with lag or drifting.

Switch off Your PC and Wait

If your controller issues are related to your console or PC, switch off your console and unplug it from the power supply. Wait for 2-3 minutes before plugging it back in and starting the game.

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