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Best Asta Build in Honkai Star Rail

Looking for the Best Asta Build in Honkai Star Rail? This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know. From her recommended Light Cone to Skill Priority.

Best Asta Build in Honkai Star Rail

Light Cone

Your first choice for Asta’s Light Cone should be Bronya’s signature Light Cone, But The Battle Isn’t Over. This 5-star Harmony Light Cone offers a 52 HP stat at level one. A Superimposed ability grants Asta a 10% Energy Regeneration Rate boost. 

The next ally acting after Asta when she uses her skill deals 30% more damage for one turn. And when Asta uses her Ultimate on an ally, it regenerates one Skill Point. This effect triggers after every two Ultimate uses.


No matter your build, The Thief of Shooting Meteor is the best Relic for Asta. The whole set is 4 pieces. Thief’s Myriad-Faced Mask, Thief’s Gloves With Prints, Thief’s Steel Grappling Hook, and Thief’s Meteor Boots. With two pieces, the relic increases Asta’s Break Effect by 16%.

If you manage all four pieces, Asta’s Break Effect increases by an extra 16%. A higher Break Effect leads to a Weakness Break. Making your opponent vulnerable to attacks and status effects. The Thief of Shooting Meteor also boosts Energy Regeneration. Asta will regenerate 3 Energy any time she inflicts a Weakness Break on opponents.

Planetary Ornament 

Asta’s best Planetary Ornament is Fleet of the Ageless. This is a two-piece set consisting of the Xianzhou Luofu’s Celestial Ark and Ambrosial Arbor Vines. When complete, this set increases Asta’s Max HP by 12%. 

There is also a secondary bonus boosting allies’ attacks. This activates whenever Asta’s speed reaches 120 or higher. When that happens, allies get an attack bonus of 8%.


Asta’s recommended Eidolons include Moon Speaks in Wax and Wane, Star Sings Sans Verses or Vocals, and Aurora Basks in Beauty and Bliss.

Skill Priority

  1. Talent: Asta’s talent is Astrometry. With this, Asta gains one stack of charging for every enemy she hits. If the enemy hit has a Fire Weakness, you get an extra stack. For every Charging stack you have, your allies’ attack stat increases by 7%. This can happen up to 5 times. After your second turn, your Charging stack count reduces by 3 at the beginning of every turn.
  1. Ultimate: Asta’s Ultimate is Astral Blessing. It has an Energy Cost of 120 and increases the speed of all allies by 36 for two turns. 
  1. Skill: Asta’s skill is Meteor Storm. This lets her deal Fire damage equaling 25% of her attack to a single target. There are 4 more bombardments dealing Fire DMG to a random enemy. This damage is also 25% of Asta’s attack. 
  1. Basic Attack: Asta’s Basic Attack is Spectrum Beam. It deals fire damage equaling 50% of her attack to a single target.


Honkai Star Rail offers customization via Light Cones, Relics, Planetary Ornaments, and Eidolons. We hope this blog post helps you get the Best Asta Build in Honkai Star Rail. That said, happy gaming!

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