Can You Fix WWE 2k24 Slow Motion Issue

Can You Fix WWE 2k24 Slow Motion Issue

WWE 2K24 promises to bring the electrifying action of the ring right into your living room. But what if those hard-hitting slams and gravity-defying maneuvers suddenly slow down to a crawl? It definitely takes the excitement out of the experience. Let’s tackle this slow-motion issue and get your matches back to full speed!

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Can You Fix WWE 2k24 Slow Motion Issue

Why the Slowdown?

There are a few reasons you might be seeing things slow down in the ring:

Hardware Limits

If you’re playing on an older console or a PC that’s a bit underpowered, WWE 2K24 might be struggling to keep up with all the action.

Graphics Overload

Sometimes, having your graphics settings cranked too high can put a strain on your system, leading to slowdown.

Glitches Happen

Even the most polished games can have the occasional bug. Slow motion could be a temporary glitch that needs a fix.

Fix WWE 2k24 Slow Motion Issue


Sometimes, all your game (or even your computer/console) needs is a fresh start. Close WWE 2K24 completely, give your system a reboot, and try again.

Tweak Those Graphics

Go into your game’s settings and experiment with lowering some of the visuals. Turn down details like shadows, crowd density, or anti-aliasing. The game might not look quite as pretty, but it might run smoother.

Driver Check

Make sure your graphics card drivers are up to date. Head to the manufacturer’s website (Nvidia or AMD) for the latest downloads.

Free Up Resources

Close any programs running in the background that you don’t need while playing. Things like web browsers can eat up memory and processing power.

Verify Your Game Files

Through Steam or your game launcher, there’s often an option to verify game files, making sure nothing is corrupted.


This is a more drastic step, but sometimes a clean reinstall can clear up stubborn problems.

Check the 2K Games support website or reach out to them directly for guidance.

Final Words

Hopefully, one of these tricks has your WWE 2K24 matches back to their fast-paced glory! If not, don’t give up – the online community and 2K support are there to help you troubleshoot further. Now get back in the ring and hit those finishing moves at full speed!

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