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Can you Shoot Drones in Stasis in Aliens Dark Descent?

At a distance, you see those Alience in Statis, sleeping and not doing anything serious. But, have you ever wondered, if can you shoot drones in Stasis in Aliens Dark Descent? Let’s get to that here in our guide.

Xeno is the Aliens in Dark Descent that you sometimes see in their Statis chamber, sleeping and not making any dangerous moves. They are the worst enemies you can come across in the game. So, you have to be pretty careful, not to take one head-on.

There are sometimes instances where you can see them in their Stasis chamber. At that moment, you can basically play silent in the game and take them on without actually doing anything. Meaning, you can shoot them.

Can you Shoot Drones in Stasis in Aliens Dark Descent?

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How to Shoot Drones in Stasis in Aliens Dark Descent?

You can shoot these drones in Aliens Dark Descent by using the sniper scope. As you can use the scope, the stasis chamber can be seen clearly. Use that to attack them and they will die instantly without waking up.

This is the sneak peek method in the game. In order to be extra careful, you can simply use the silencer with the precision shot. This is the best way to kill these sleeping aliens in their stasis chamber.

What are the benefits of Shooting Aliens while they are sleeping?

There are a ton of benefits here;

  • When you are playing outside danger, you can kill them beforehand
  • You can remain stress-free for 5 minutes or more
  • The game becomes easy onwards before there are no Aliens to take on, as they are the hardest enemies to face
Can you Shoot Drones in Stasis in Aliens Dark Descent?

The Verdict

Yes, you Can you Shoot Drones in Stasis in Aliens Dark Descent, but make sure you are using the Precision Shot with the Silencer on your Sniper. In case you missed or the damage wasn’t enough, as well as they heard the sound, then you are basically dead here. Just use both to take down the Aliens while they are sleeping to make the game onwards easier.

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