Spider-Man 2: Peter and Mile App Switch Opening Itself Constantly

Marvel Spider-Man 2 Bench Soft Lock and Bug: Can’t Exit the Bench!

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the latest installment in the Spider-Man series, exclusively available on the PlayStation 5, developed by Insomniac Games. The game looks incredible, and the gameplay is jaw-dropping as always, but there is one Bench Softlock everyone has been talking about recently.

In Coney Island, when you are with Harry and MJ, you will get the prize and then sit on the bench. But, you will get soft locked there as the game is bugged out, and you can’t reload the save or exit from the bench. Let’s get to fixing the issue.

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Marvel Spider-Man 2 Bench Soft Lock and Bug: Can’t Exit the Bench!

Why is Spider-Man 2 getting softlocked?

Every game isn’t perfect in any form or shape. The small bugs, enemies getting sucked, and characters not proceeding onward, are all part of the game’s development with time.

When you report an issue to the developer or support, they will reach out to you and other members, fixing the game’s problem in a patch. So, Spider-Man 2 getting bugged or soft-locked is the server-end problem.

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How to Fix Spider-Man 2 Coney Island Bench Bug?

If you get soft-locked in Coney Island, sitting on the bench, you will have to just reload the save game, but how to do that? You can create a Manual Save in Spider-Man 2, when you get softlocked or bugged out, and then quit to the main menu. You can then use the manual save to load the game in, but as a consequence, you will miss the whole conversation on the Coney Island Bench, with Harry and MJ.


  • Softlocked on Coney Island Bench
  • Make a Manual Save
  • Exit the Game
  • Load the Game with Manual Save

Play the Game!

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