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Marvel Spider-Man 2 Miles Morales Cuban Flag: A Mistake?

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the latest PS5 Exclusive from Insomniac Games, written around two of the best superheroes in Spider-Universe: Peter Parker and Miles Morales. While most of us are familiar with the Legend himself, the Peter Parker, Miles Morales is still unfamiliar.

Recently, players found the Cuban Flag hanging on the wall instead of the Puerto Rican flag in the Miles Morales apartment, which is the wrong direction, as Miles Morales is from Puerto Rica, not Cuba.

Is this a mistake from the Developers? Well, we have every explanation down below about Miles Morales’s Apartment having a Cuban Flag instead of a Puerto Rican Flag.

Marvel Spider-Man 2 Miles Morales Cuban Flag instead of Puerto Rican Flag.

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What is the Controversy Around the Flag in Spider-Man 2?

So, the controversy is that, in the Miles Morales Apartment, or living space, he has a Cuban Flag instead of a Puerto Rican Flag, as he is a superhero belonging to the region of Puerto Rica.

This means a lot for the Puerto Rican people, as they have a popular superhero who changed the region, causing controversy amongst the community. Also, for the people who read the comics and are interested in the correct portrayal of the storyline, this is a matter of importance.

Why is the Spider-Man 2 Flag Issue Important?

Just as we mentioned, the background culture means a lot for the comic fans and the Puerto Rican people. The people want him to be portrayed accordingly, and the error affects realism.

Furthermore, it also damages the feelings of the people, as their favorite Spider-Man Miles Morales belonged to Puerto Rica, a Native American Country, but they changed it to another, Cuba.

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How to Fix Marvel Spider-Man 2 Cuban Flag Error?

This issue can be fixed effortlessly by the developers of the game. Either they can release a patch where they can change the Miles Morales Apartment Cuban Flag to the original Puerto Rican Flag, or they can add an in-game option where you can put your own country.

Whatever the case may be, the developers should apologize for the misconduct here or the misplacement of the Miles Morales Flag in Spider-Man 2.

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