How to Unlock ESO Necrom Dailies - Can't Find Adventurer, Take Heed Quest

Can’t Access Preorder Bonus from ESO Necrom – Needs to Update ESO

The latest expansion to the Elder Scroll Online just dropped and that means there are going to be a ton of preorders. With those preorders, there are various bonuses. But, the issue is that players can’t access the preorder bonus from ESO Necrom and the system says that ESO Needs to Update.

Can't Access Preorder Bonus from ESO Necrom - Needs to Update ESO

Why can’t I access ESO Necrom Preorder Bonuses?

You can’t access them because the game servers think that you aren’t updated. If you don’t have the Necrom Expansion installed, you won’t be able to get the latest preorder bonuses.

But, the issue doesn’t stop there, players have already mentioned that they are on the latest ESO Updates and the system still says “ESO Needs to Update”.

The Installation stops after a few minutes for some people and they can’t enjoy the latest Necrom Expansion. Below, we have a fix for those.

Fixed Can’t Access Preorder Bonus from ESO Necrom

  • The simplest thing you can do is give your system and the game a proper restart.
  • Then, you can restart the router to clear the internet cache. Make sure there aren’t any devices connected to the wifi. Also, use ethernet to make a connection with the internet.
  • Disable antivirus and firewall running in the background. You can also whitelist the ESO Folder, in case you don’t want to simply disable the antivirus.
  • Update your GPU Drivers to the latest and also try to update the system. There might be something messing up with ESO.
Can't Access Preorder Bonus from ESO Necrom - Needs to Update ESO

The Verdict

ESO Necrom Expansion just dropped and players aren’t able to play it. Some have the “ESO Needs to Update” Error, while others have the Installation Stopping after some while. This is a major bug and players Can’t Access Preorder Bonus from ESO Necrom. To fix it, you can simply give a good restart and then restart the router as well. Check your internet, remove any excessive internet devices, and connect using ethernet.

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