How to convert Text to Image or Video using ChatGPT – Introduction to Visual ChatGPT and ChatGPT 4

Microsoft just announced that they are going to take the ChatGPT up a notch and allow you to convert your Text to Images. With the ChatGPT 4 integration, you can even take that to the next level and convert your Text to Video. Here’s How to do that if you don’t know the details.

Microsoft Visual ChatGPT

ChatGPT has seen all types of integrations where companies and tech enthusiasts are using it in their platform for enhanced effectiveness.

But, we all know that Microsoft loves to do these things with a bit of a twist. They are working on Visual ChatGPT which is a new architecture for the Chat Bot.

It will take the strengths of this Language Model/AI and then put them with the Image Generator. It is going to be a groundbreaking technological revolution for the Text to Image Algorithms.

As a result, you will be seeing more realistic, interactive, and organic AI Models.

Microsoft Visual ChatGPT

How will it work?

It will integrate Stable Diffusion, BLIP, ControlNet, and other visual foundations with the ChatGPT Model, combining both the Text and Visual AI into one thing.

How to Convert Text to Image with Visual ChatGPT

You can simply run the Visual ChatGPT from Microsoft as a demo. Just go to the GitHub Page and have all the things sorted out for the Visual ChatGPT.

ChatGPT 4 Text to Video

The New ChatGPT, known as ChatGPT 4 is also launching, which puts Text to Video in the comfort of your smartphone or PC. It will be much more powerful than ChatGPT 3, bringing more insight into the Text to Image or Text to Video Features related to ChatBot.

You will just have to put in the details of the image you want to create and the Bot will handle everything else.

ChatGPT 4 Text to Video

How to use ChatGPT 4?

Well, you can use it just like ChatGPT 3, but only after its release. We don’t know how or when you can officially use it, but that is a different debate.


So, the future is quite bright for people who are looking for ways on How to Convert Text to Image or Video using ChatGPT. It is all possible because of the latest Visual GPT from Microsoft and the blessed release of ChatGPT 4.

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