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Crusaders Cathedral Dungeon Guide

Having trouble beating this dungeon all by yourself? That’s completely fine. Our complete step-step guide on Crusaders Cathedral Dungeon Guide is here to help. Diablo 4 is an action role-playing game that offers players an immersive and thrilling experience in the dark and treacherous realm of Sanctuary.

Crusaders Cathedral Dungeon Guide

How to find Crusaders Cathedral Dungeon 

The Crusader’s Cathedral Dungeon is at Caldeum in Kehjistan. You can only access this dungeon after beating the campaign for this map. To find it, look for an arched entrance glowing orange-red from within. 

How to Complete Crusaders Cathedral Dungeon 

Enter the Dungeon 

Once you’ve found the dungeon, enter it. Follow the path inside until you come across some enemies. You will encounter both knights and skeletons in this dungeon. Defeat them and take a moment to heal if you’re low on health. Make sure you get the Pristine Key from the Small Coffer. You’ll need this to open the Memorial Gate.

Pull the Lever

There’s a large room with enemies and a lever somewhere inside the dungeon. You need to pull this lever. Since the layout for dungeon is randomized, the path to this room may be different for every player. For us, we got out of the alcove with our first batch of enemies and went towards the nearest intersection. We took the one on the right, going straight until we came across another intersection. Then we turned left.

Enter the Crusader Catacombs 

From the lever room, we went straight and down a set of stairs into the Crusader Catacombs. We opened the gate at the end. Then followed the straight path ahead till we went through another opened gate. There was a closed gate right ahead. We opened it, went through, and turned left, going through two more gates.

Slay Three Blasphemists

We picked up the Knight’s Journal in this next area. Then went straight ahead till we reached another narrower gate. We went through and took the gate on the left. Then we kept going straight, defeating hordes of enemies. The Tomb Lord is in the Awakened Crusader’s Chamber. But you need to slay three Blasphemists before you fight him.

Fight the Tomb Lord

Once you’ve slain three Blasphemists, make your way to the Awakened Crusader’s Chamber. We retraced our path there but you can reference the map if you’re having trouble finding it. Here you will finally encounter the dungeon’s final boss, the Tomb Lord. Fight and defeat him to complete the dungeon and get your reward. 

Crusaders Cathedral Dungeon Rewards 

Completing the Crusader’s Cathedral Dungeon awards players with the Druid-class Legendary “Stormshifter’s Aspect.” This grants Druids a +2 ranks bonus to Shapeshifting skills while Hurricane’s active. You are also awarded 30 Renown points.

Crusaders Cathedral Dungeon Guide


Enter the Crusader’s Cathedral Dungeon and get the Pristine Key from the Small Coffer. Then enter the Crusader Catacombs, slay three Blasphemists, and fight the Tomb Lord. We hope this detailed article on Crusaders Cathedral Dungeon Guide helps. As always, happy gaming!

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