Diablo 4 Disconnecting on Curator Fight

Diablo 4 Disconnecting on Curator Fight

Blizzard servers were always the main issue for game problems. Diablo 4 here is no exception and every issue you see is mostly because of the servers. Here in this guide, we are going to discuss Diablo 4 Disconnecting on Curator Fight. So, let’s get started!

Diablo 4 Disconnecting on Curator Fight

What is Curator Fight DC issue?

Curator is the dungeon boss in Diablo 4, also known as the Cathedral of Light Capstone Boss. This location is present in the Kyovashad area and as a reward, you will get XP, Gold, and Random and you will also get the Nightmare Difficulty World Tier 3.

So, the issue here is that when you get through half of the fight, you get disconnected from the game. It is a major issue that causes the progression to just vanish in thin air.

Some have it in the end, while others have this issue in the beginning.

Why is it so?

The reason is unknown and termed a server issue. Yes, it could be the internet, high latency, or ping. Diablo 4 is having issues with certain internet service providers, but it also can’t be the case here.

It could be the game file, the antivirus messing up with the files or they need repairing. Then again, it could be the drivers altogether. Let’s dig into the details below;

How to fix Diablo 4 Disconnecting on Curator Fight

So, the basic things are the real fix for these here. Try restarting the game, and your system, reinstalling Battlenet, and even the game. After you are done with these things, follow the guide to fix Diablo 4 Disconnecting on Curator Fight.

Checking Internet

Make sure your Internet is working fine. We already explained that even a small issue can result in the game-breaking apart. Restart the Router to clear the internet cache, connect through ethernet, disconnect all devices, and contact your Internet Service Provider.

Repairing Files

Battlenet provides you with a feature that automatically scans the files and then repairs them as well. Search for Diablo 4 on Battlenet and right-click on the game. Scan for Files and then Repair them.


There might be some pending updates in the background. Check updates for Windows, console, or peripherals. Also, make sure your GPU Drivers are up to date and downloaded from official sources.

We recommend you download them through Nvidia Experience or AMD Adrenaline. At the time of customer installation select it and further, select clean installation as well.


Now, it is time for the final steps. You can try to log out of the battlenet account and login back. Then again, you can reinstall the battlenet. Finally, you can reinstall the game to fix Curator Fight Disconnections.

Diablo 4 Disconnecting on Curator Fight

The Verdict

Diablo 4 players have been suffering recently from random disconnections. Diablo 4 Disconnecting on Curator Fight is also one of those same instances. There is no fix and no reply from the devs, but you can try out a few things to try to fix it yourself.

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