How to Fix Diablo 4 Error Code 34202 - Game Servers are Not Available

How to increase Diablo 4 Performance – Nvidia Profile Default!

Diablo 4 having poor performance on even the greatest of systems is a thing few can comprehend. But, nevertheless, it is the absolute reality because the game’s requirements aren’t something to pressurize gamers. Still, to fix your game issues, we have here a guide on How to increase Diablo 4 Performance, where you simply have to set the Nvidia Profile to default for Diablo 4. So, let’s get started!

How to increase Diablo 4 Performance - Nvidia Profile Default!

Nvidia Profile Default

Now the thing is that people will tell you to increase the performance by making a custom Nvidia profile. We are asking you to give a try on doing the reverse of that.

Just go to the Nvidia Control Panel and set the profile to default. It will turn every setting to the official that Nvidia chose for you.

Do this, and then restart the system. Come back to the launcher and launch Diablo 4. You will see the difference.

Updating Drivers

When you have to update the drivers, you just go back to the control panel and set it to default once again. The game will run flawlessly, with improved performance.

How to Set Nvidia Profile to Default

  • You can do the same using the Nvidia Profile Inspector. It can be downloaded from GitHub
  • Find Diablo 4 in the list of games (Dropdown at top)
  • Refresh using circle arrows next to the dropdown box
  • Store profile to default using Nvidia Icon Button (next to it)
  • Save and Apply Changes
How to increase Diablo 4 Performance - Nvidia Profile Default!

The Verdict

No one knew that simply having the Nvidia Profile set to default can have a drastic effect on your game. But, it is the reality. In order to increase Diablo 4 Performance, you will have to use the Profile Inspector to set the Diablo 4 Nvidia Profile to Default. Simple as that!

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