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Diablo 4 Onyx Watchtower Stronghold Location

Diablo 4, the highly anticipated action role-playing game, takes players on a thrilling journey through the dark and treacherous world of Sanctuary. As players explore this immersive and dangerous realm, they will encounter various challenges, including strongholds. Strongholds in Diablo 4 are akin to overworld dungeons that offer formidable adversaries and valuable rewards.

Among these strongholds, the Onyx Watchtower stands as a significant location, requiring players’ skill and strategy to overcome its obstacles and reap the benefits it holds. In this blog post, we will guide you about Diablo 4 Onyx Watchtower Stronghold Location.

Diablo 4 Onyx Watchtower Stronghold Location

Diablo 4 Onyx Watchtower Stronghold Location

The Onyx Watchtower Stronghold is nestled within the Dry Steppes region of Sanctuary, which players will have the opportunity to visit during Act 3 of the campaign.

To reach the stronghold, players need to head to the center of the Dry Steppes zone. Once they arrive, they will face a series of challenging objectives and encounters that must be conquered to complete the stronghold.

The Onyx Watchtower Stronghold is known for its intricate pathways and locked doors, presenting additional layers of complexity compared to other strongholds in Diablo 4.

Players must navigate these winding paths and overcome the crafty schemes of the bandits occupying the stronghold. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate the Captain’s Lieutenants and defeat Captain Ezmin, who stands as the stronghold’s final boss

Rewards and Unlockables

Clearing the Onyx Watchtower Stronghold is no small feat, but the rewards awaiting triumphant players make the effort worthwhile. Upon successful completion of the stronghold, players will unlock a dungeon and earn the Storm Swell Aspect, a powerful ability that enhances their character’s capabilities.

Moreover, players will receive a significant boost to their Dry Steppes Renown, further contributing to their progress in the region.

Diablo 4 Onyx Watchtower Stronghold Location


The Onyx Watchtower Stronghold in Diablo 4 offers an exhilarating and challenging experience for players. Located in the Dry Steppes region, this stronghold tests players’ skills as they navigate treacherous paths, overcome locked doors, and conquer the bandits led by Captain Ezmin.

By successfully clearing the stronghold, players gain access to valuable rewards, including the Storm Swell Aspect and increased Dry Steppes Renown.

As players delve deeper into the world of Diablo 4, the Onyx Watchtower Stronghold will undoubtedly prove to be a memorable and rewarding part of their adventure.

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