DLSS 2 in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

DLSS 2 in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

May the DLSS 2 be with you...
May the DLSS 2 be with you...

DLSS 1 was a work of art on the new Star Wars Jedi Survior, but can you imagine how it would look with the DLSS 2 on? You actually don’t have to imagine it now because a Legendary Modder that goes by the name of “PureDark” introduced DLSS 2 in the Jedi Survivor. Here’s how the DLSS 2 in Star Wars Jedi Survivor works out in contrast to the DLSS 1.

DLSS 2 vs FSR 2

It doesn’t take a 200 IQ to just see the wonders of technology. The latest is going to beat the old no matter what.

In the images I am going to show you below, there is a clear difference between the FSR 2.0 (DLSS 1) and the new DLSS 2 in Jedi Survivor.

FSR 2.0 and DLSS 2.0 aren’t far apart when we are talking about performance here. They are quite similar in that remark.

Without DLSS 2 in Star Wars Jedi Survivor
With DLSS 2 in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Is DLSS 2 Official?

No dummy, it isn’t official. PureDark is a modder who released DLSS 2 Mod for Jedi Survivor. Being a Mod doesn’t mean it is free of course and neither it means that is going to be trash.

He is a Human, just like the ones working at Nvidia. He could do a better job than them, but that means you need to throw some cash at that lovely modder. Talking about cash, here’s how you can get this mod.

How to get DLSS 2 in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

The Mod isn’t available to the public, but you can get the DLSS 2 for your Jedi Survivor by investing some cash in the PureDark Patrol. The Link is inscribed in the text, so things are clear for you.

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