EA FC 24 Hero Card Not Received: Is the Hero Missing?

EA FC 24 Hero Card Not Received: Is the Hero Missing?

Players specifically ordered the Ultimate Edition of EA FC 24, just to get the Hero Card. But, Hero has been missing in EA FC 24, as players haven’t received their Hero Card in the game. But why? How to get it in the game? Nothing to worry about actually, EA hasn’t promised to transfer the Hero Card directly to the Ultimate Edition Purchased after the purchase. There is a time in which you get the actual reward for the purchase. Let’s go into the details below.

EA FC 24 Hero Card Not Received: Is the Hero Missing?

What are Hero Cards or Heroes in FC 24?

In the world of EA FC 24, Hero Card or Heroes are the chosen players based on their Champions League, either the UEFA one or the Women’s. There is a base version of that hero and then there is a higher rated version.

Why are Hero Cards Important?

They require a hard grind to get inside the game, as you will have to play, make the perfect team, and then get one or two based on your performance, as well as luck.

But, when you buy the Ultimate Edition of FC 24, you have guaranteed Hero Cards. And, the OG FIFA players know they are going to be good, as EA always rewards premium edition buyers.

That’s why, when the EA FC 24 Hero Card was Not Received by the players, it was an alarming thing. But don’t worry, we got the details below.

Are the Hero Cards Actually Missing?

Yes, the players who bought the Ultimate Edition of EA FC 24 haven’t received their Hero Card. It was a promised thing from EA (Electronic Arts). But, the real detail is that the EA has a date in November. Onwards from that time frame, you will get the Hero Cards, as well as other UEFA Champion League Items.

EA FC 24 Hero Card Not Received: Is the Hero Missing?

EA FC 24 Hero Card Availability Time and Date

According to the EA Community Manager Barry, the UEFA Champions League Ultimate Team Hero Player Items are going to be available from November 27, 2023.

The time is 2:59 pm PST, and you convert it to your location time period. The other Ultimate Edition Rewards were made available on 22nd September, which is gone. You can check the details on the EA Forum here.

There has been disruption amongst the community related to the EA FC 24 FC Points in Steam not purchasable, and Wireless Controller not working on PCs. Check out the details on how to fix those.

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