Edge High Memory Usage Detected Explained

Edge High Memory Usage Detected Explained

Edge wasn’t as good as it is today. If you are from the old tech geek era, you might have heard or experienced the response yourself. It all changed with the new edge from Microsoft. It was going smooth till recently Edge High Memory Usage Detected Error started popping off. Here in this guide, we are going to explain this issue and show you some fixes as well.

Edge High Memory Usage Detected Explained

What is High Memory Use Error in Edge?

Every browser is known for draining the RAM or Memory out of the system. Chrome does it the most, while it goes down from there. Recent browsers like Opera GX and Brave have less memory usage, but it all drops down to specific parts.

Edge was known as the most reliable in these aspects, as it didn’t require that much memory or ram to function. Till recently, due to the updates, the tabs start draining memory out of the system.

It was done intentionally, due to the cookies and the data it holds in the cloud. Yes, it also freezes and slows the tabs down to save memory, but you might still get it based on your specs.

How to Fix Edge High Memory Usage Detected

Use Edge Task Manager

There is a Task Manager built-in Edge that shows you the power-draining tabs and you can close them at will.

Press Shift+Esc together while you have the Edge Browser open and it will bring you the Task Manager for Edge. Select Memory and soft the tasks according to the RAM.

Enable Efficiency Mode

Edge has an efficient mode as well that is specifically made for these types of situations. You can enable it to put the tabs to sleep and freeze those that aren’t being used. It can save a ton of power.

  • Open Edge
  • On the Top Right side, press 3 Dots
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Tab of “System and Performance”
  • On the right side, you will find “Turn on Efficiency Mode When”
  • Select Always in the Drop Down

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Acceleration is used to go into adrenaline mode. When you turn it ON, the Edge Browser goes berserk and takes up the resources of your system to make the tasks faster.

  • Open Edge
  • On the URL side, type “edge://settings/system”
  • It will take you to the Settings
  • Find the “Use Hardware Acceleration when Available”
  • Turn it OFF

Turn Off Startup Boost

Preloading is also a common thing in Browsers, that is why Chrome just drains the system dry. Edge has it, which you can also disable to Fix Edge High Memory Usage Detected Error.

  • Open Edge
  • On the URL side, type “edge://settings/system”
  • Find Startup Boost
  • Disable It

Clear Cache

When you have a ton of cache in the background that is holding your data, it can slow down the browser, ultimately showing the High Memory Use Error.

To clear the cache, you can press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE. It will open the panel that allows you to clear the cache. Select “All Time” and then the “Cached Images and Files”.

This is the basic one and you can also select other things if you like. After that press on “Clear Now” and your high memory use will be fixed.

Deleting Extensions and Plugins

If you have a ton of Plugins and Extensions installed, it will cause the browser to drain more power. To find the extensions, you can follow the steps below;

  • Open Edge
  • In the URL, type in edge://extensions/ 
  • Find the Extensions you don’t need
  • Turn them off or delete them by pressing “Remove” below their title

Repairing Edge

In case you are still getting the High Memory Use Error on Edge, you can just Repair the Edge as a whole and it will fix this issue.

  • Go to Settings
  • Find Apps
  • Proceed onwards and find Microsoft Edge
  • Click on Three Dots on its right
  • Click on Modify
  • In the window press Repair
Edge High Memory Usage Detected Explained

The Verdict

After the recent update on Microsoft Edge, users were experiencing a High Memory Usage Detected Error. It doesn’t hinder the usability, but kind of messed up with the brain in a psychological way. Here we explained it in detail and guided you through the ways to Fix High Memory UsabilityError

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