Exploring the Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence to Create a Business Name

Exploring the Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence to Create a Business Name

Artificial intelligence has become an inevitability that has permeated every aspect of modern business. When utilized well, it can improve existing practices and create new opportunities. In fact, a McKinsey survey revealed that 76% of organizations are planning to prioritize machine learning and AI over other IT initiatives. 

With the importance of a business name in carving a space out for yourself, it’s smart to make use of tools that allow you to create it in a creative and efficient manner. Today, quantum computing and AI are revolutionizing the landscape for productivity and creating business models. With such a dense landscape, it’s good to explore the benefits of using AI to make a business name. 

How AI Can Create a Business Name

Generative AI is already seeing a lot of use in content creation. As popular bots like ChatGPT and Bard become more robust, users are able to make use of algorithm-learning machines to generate content based on their own specific parameters and input. Despite having complex language abilities, AI models like this do come with the limitation that they may not necessarily draw on completely original concepts that are available. 

This is where generators explicitly made to create business names come into play. Today, you can find a solid business name generator using artificial intelligence to generate catchy suggestions based on keywords that the users input as an initial prompt. The AI in this type of tool is trained on best business name practices and uses its database to find out what names would not only be relevant to the user’s keyword but are actually available. This minimizes the chance of running into a dispute with an existing brand. Using such a tool is very simple, and there are many benefits it carries as a business name-creation device. 

Benefits of AI for Business Name Creation

Securing a Domain

Having a domain is important for businesses to establish a credible online presence. When you have a domain, it makes it easier for potential consumers to not only find you but also trust your brand. The AI tools integrated into certain business name generators actually automatically take domains into account when generating suggestions. This means that any name options given will also be tied to an available domain that can be registered with an extension of your choice. 

Best Practices

AI uses a comprehensive learning algorithm to make sure that any names created take best practices into account. This is not limited to certain industries either. You’ll find the general rules of avoiding special characters, keeping names simple and memorable, and using SEO-friendly keywords to be the main factors in what business names will be frontloaded by such tools. The best options that adhere to relevant keywords and modern standards will be the first options, and you’ll likely find a good fit long before you reach the point where the available suggestions become less than ideal. 

Checking Availability

Studies show that consumers prefer to buy from brands with strong personalities. 51.2% of surveyed customers even revealed that they purchase from a brand because of how they talk online. This is what makes it important to differentiate yourself from other brands, especially when it comes to your business name. 

Of course, with so many brands out there being created every day, it’s helpful to have AI sift through everything quickly so you know what’s actually available. This will also help you avoid any potential disputes with other businesses that have already gotten the rights to certain names or terms. 


Finally, the best benefit of using AI for business name creation is its cost-efficiency. You get the results you need while saving time and money on brainstorming. One of the best uses of tech in improving business processes is achieving business goals and automating certain tasks without sacrificing quality. In the long run, this serves to increase productivity and root out any unnecessary expenses. When naming a business with AI, you cut down the team size and cost while still having direct input in the process. 

Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios. When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games