How to Fix Frozen PS5 Booting to Black Screen

How to Fix Frozen PS5 Booting to Black Screen

Is your PS5 Frozen and Booting to Black Screen? Well, here in this guide we are going to fix it for you.

Recently the users of PS5 are having a tough time. Their PS5 is basically in a Frozen state where it is stuck in a loop. You start the PS5 and it boots to Black Screen.

The Frozen PS5 is something similar to the previous console issues as well. This means that the solution is also the same. You will have to do some software troubleshooting through the safe mode. Let’s get started!

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How to Fix Frozen PS5 Booting to Black Screen

Unplug and HDMI

The first thing you have to do is go to the back of the PS5 and unplug it from the wall. Leave it unplugged for approximately 1 minute.

Make sure your HDMI is also working fine. Push it inside, take it out, and blow it. Just make sure there isn’t anything missing here.

Going into Safe Mode

After a minute is done, go to the front of the PS5 and press the Power Button to Turn it On.

There is a blue light on the PS5 that indicates it is powered On. Now, you have to launch the PS5 into the Safe Mode Menu.

To do so, you will have to hold down the power button and wait till there is a beep. Wait a bit longer till you hear the second beep as well.

It might take you 20 to 30 seconds in total, but it differs in some cases. The light on the light bar of the PS5 should be completely turned Off.

To operate in the safe mode, you will have to basically use your Controller USB Cable for connection. Once the light is completely gone, hold onto the power button and you will hear a Beep quickly after holding it.

After a few seconds, you will again hear another beep. Let go of the power button and press the PS Button on the PS5 Controller. You can operate the Safe Mode Menu of PS5 using the D-Pad. You can select using the X Button on your right.

PS5 Safe Mode Repair Options

So the Frozen PS5 Booting to Black Screen is an issue because of the M.2 SSD. There might be some kind of error that is causing this issue in the PS5.

Select the Third Option that says “Repair Console Storage” and select it. If that doesn’t work, you can also select the Forth Option that says “Update System Storage”. In the Forth Option, you need to pick the “Update Using Internet” option.

As a last resort, you can select the Sixth Option that says “Clear Cache and Rebuild Database”. Inside here, you have to pick “Rebuild Database”.

The Verdict

The Frozen PS5 Booting to Black Screen is an issue that is because of the storage. To fix it, you will have to proceed to the Safe Made of the PS5 and then use the Controller connected through the USB cable. D-Pad is for moving around and X is to select the option. You need to first select Option 3, then go to Option 4 and finally, if nothing works, utilize Option 6 (Rebuild Database).

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