Fixing Gladwin Moon Bug in Hogwarts Legacy

[Solved] Gladwin Moon Bug in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is a treat for Harry Potter Fans. The game is spectacular and all, but it doesn’t mean that Hogwarts Legacy is free from those cruel glitches or bugs. Whenever you are playing the Gladwin Moon Quest, you will find yourself suffering from finding the Demiguise Statues.

The obvious reason is the day of time, but here in this Guide, we are going to show you a Quick Fix to Gladwin Moon Bug in Hogwarts Legacy.


What is Gladwin Moon Bug?

There is a Quest in Hogwarts Legacy that gives you the Alohomora Spell. It is the “Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” Quest where you will be meeting Gladwin Moon between the Grand Staircase and the Great Hall.

He will tell you about the details of the Demiguises that someone just snuck them and your job is to remove them. When the bug activates;

  • You won’t be able to do the quest or any other, and the only fix is to abandon the quest you are currently doing
  • The auto saves won’t work and you have to save manually
  • The mission won’t be available in the quests list and you will leave the area
  • You will have to restart from the beginning, but you can’t interact with Mr. Moon to start the quest
  • You can’t track this mission anymore
Gladwin Moon Bug Quest

Why does it happen?

For the most part, the Gladwin Moon Bug is due to the game identifying the game state incorrectly, especially after you left that quest for good.

The game sees it as nighttime for the event that is happening in the game, but it shows daytime. If you wait for 12 hours, then it will convert that daytime to nighttime or vice versa, making it easier for you to do the quest.

How to Fix Gladwin Moon Bug in Hogwarts Legacy?

So, the quick method to fix the Gladwin Moon Bug in the game is to simply meet the Gladwin Moon during the nighttime. Yes, this is it! You just have to turn daytime into nighttime and meet him.

When you first do the quest, he is available at the exact same location, the entrance to the Grand Staircase, exactly at the puzzle door. But, you will have to come from the Grand Hall Location.

You can’t use Fast Travel at that location, so the only way is to walk there and wait till the day passes, bringing the nighttime.

Just take some time from your busy life and do the whole quest in one sitting. You can take some rest after finding the two Demiguise Statues and then go back to the Gladwin Moon.

Don’t forget to have a save for yourself at that moment in case things don’t go your way.

Quick Guide to Fixing Gladwin Moon Bug in Hogwarts Legacy


  • Go to Gladwin
  • Before interacting, wait
  • Use the Map Wait option to turn Daytime into Nighttime
  • If it doesn’t work, just wait for some time
  • In the Nighttime meet Gladwin
  • Complete the quest of finding the Demiguise Statue in Night

That’s it!


So, that’s the Quick Fix to Gladwin Moon Bug in Hogwarts Legacy. You just have to make sure that there is nighttime when you are talking to Gladwin and taking on the Quest.

You should be saving the game more often, especially during the quest, so that things are under control.

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