Fortnite Lavish Lair Location - Lavish Lair Vault

Fortnite Lavish Lair Location – Lavish Lair Vault

Fortnite, one of the best battle royale games to exist, developed and published by Epic Games has recently released their OG Season, which takes players back to the starting map but with some changes around like we are in a multiverse sequel now. There are also new missions, puzzles, things to find, and mysteries to unveil. One of them is the Lavish Lair that holds the Lavish Lair Vault.

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Fortnite Lavish Lair Location

You need to head over to the Antarctic or ice region of the game, where you will find the Lavish Lair. Below, we have an image to help you understand the Location of the Lavish Lair as well.

Fortnite Lavish Lair Location

There are going to be enemies here, so you need to make it quick and precise, by making your way inside the Lavish Lair building.

Just below the stairs, you will find the Lavish Lair Vault as well. Eliminate all the enemies to open the Lavish Lair Vault.

Fortnite Lavish Lair Vault Location

In the vault, you will come across an epic chest, and upon opening it, you will get the “Iron Warrior Reaper Sniper Rifle”.

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