Genshin Impact Underground Teleport Secret Summer Paradise Guide

Genshin Impact Underground Teleport Secret Summer Paradise Guide

Looking for a Genshin Impact Underground Teleport Secret Summer Paradise Guide? This detailed article is going to be your best friend.

Genshin Impact Underground Teleport Secret Summer Paradise Guide

What is an Underground Teleport?

Genshin Impact features Teleport Waypoints throughout the world of Teyvat. Once found and unlocked, these Waypoints allow players to fast travel. Some Waypoints are also found underground. These are Underground Teleport Waypoints.

Teleport Waypoints also serve as respawn locations and sources of warmth. You can also use them to recharge Lumenstone Adjuvant’s energy in the Chasm. Or reduce accumulated Decay in Sumeru’s Withering Zones.

Secret Summer Paradise Underground Teleport Location 

You can find this Underground Teleport Waypoint in the exclusive Veluriyam Mirage map. The exact location of this Waypoint is inside a cave south of the Silver Bottle Courtyard. Unfortunately, you cannot reach this Waypoint by foot. Instead, you must ride the Choo-Choo Cart.

Luckily, you can see the location of most locked Waypoints once their map area is lit up. A navigation pointer appears once you’re within 30 meters of a locked Teleport Waypoint. This disappears once you unlock the Waypoint or are no longer within 40 meters of it.

How to get Secret Summer Paradise Underground Teleport?

Board Choo-Choo Cart 

Visit the exclusive Veluriyam Mirage map. Head to the Silver Bottle Courtyard area. Then make your way to the eastmost part of the Courtyard. You can board a Choo-Choo Cart here to take you to your destination.

In some cases, you may have trouble summoning a Cart. If this happens to you, head to the Overground Valley Teleport Waypoint. Then activate the Amber Flower route. Keep going until you reach the cart’s destination in the east. You should now find the Choo-Choo Cart in the Courtyard’s eastmost part.

Complete Challenges 

Don’t space out during the ride. There are fun challenges that can get you some good rewards. 

Ride the Choo-Choo Cart to the Underground Teleport Waypoint. You’ll see some floating blue water orbs along the way. These are Tracklayer Fruits. Hit them for some extra Mora.

Unlock Teleport Waypoint

The Choo-Choo Cart follows the track indicated on the map. Eventually, it crosses a barrier to bring you right in front of the Underground Waypoint. The locked waypoint takes the form of a glowing red structure. Interact with it to unlock it and change its color to blue. This will award you with 50 Adventure EXP and 5 Primogems.


To unlock this Waypoint, take the Choo-Choo Cart to its location and interact with it. We hope this Genshin Impact Underground Teleport Secret Summer Paradise Guide helps. As always, happy gaming!

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