How to get TikTok AI Chatbot Tako

How to get TikTok AI Chatbot Tako – Using Tako!

Every Social Media platform is introducing Chatbots to showcase their entry into the Artificial Intelligence Era. Snapchat was the first one and now we get introduced to a TikTok AI Chatbot Tako. Here’s how to get it and increase productivity using Tako.

How to get TikTok AI Chatbot Tako

What is Tako – TikTok AI Chatbot?

ChatGPT was not actually the first one to make a chatbot but was the first one to nearly perfect it to a certain degree of usability or authenticity. TikTok, just like Snapchat, introduced the use of a Chatbot in their app and named it Tako.

When you open the app and proceed to click on Tako (TikTok AI Chatbot), you can ask it for various things like suggestions, videos, ideas, and even facts.

A disclaimer just like any other ChatBot including Google AI and ChatGPT also applies here. This means you can’t rely on Tako for Financial, Legal, or Medical advice. It is there but the perfection is missing.

TikTok AI Chatbot Tako answering conversations

How to get TikTok AI Chatbot Tako – Using Tako!

So, in order to get TikTok AI Chatbot Tako, you need to first make sure it is available to you. Tako is in the making or can be called the “Early Stage”, where is checking it out.

When Tako AI will launch, you need to update the app and then proceed to the TikTok app itself. On the right side of the app, you will find TikTok AI Chatbot Tako, a bit above the profile of the user.

It is alongside other buttons like bookmarks, comments, likes, and so on. You need to press on Tako and a new text screen will open just like Whatsapp and other Text apps.

You can simply ask an AI Chatbot anything you like. It could be a question, a suggestion, advice (not an accurate answer), or something else. If you are feeling alone or out of ideas, Tako will provide you with exceptionally good company, as well as up-to-date ideas.

How to get TikTok AI Chatbot Tako - Using Tako!

Steps to get Tako

  • Update the TikTok App (When Tako launches)
  • Open TikTok App
  • Press on Tako on the right side, above the User Profile
  • Write something
  • Send!

Tako will reply to you with the best answer it actually can. In this way, you can use Tako for productivity.

The Verdict

Social Media is also showcasing its use of Artificial Intelligence, starting out with Chatbots. Snapchat My AI was the first step and now TikTok also announced Tako, their AI Chatbot. Soon, we might see that with other Social Media Platforms, and slowly it will be normalized. In order to get TikTok AI Chatbot Tako, you need to update the app, open it and click on Tako on the right side of the screen above the Profile. This is how you use Tako on TikTok.

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