Google AI Lamda vs Open AI ChatGPT

Google AI Lamda vs Open AI ChatGPT: Which is the best AI Chat Bot to rule the world?

It is all fun to talk with Chatbots till they give you the answer you didn’t expect or more precisely, a better answer than you could have given to someone else. Well, we all went through this phase when we gave several questions to ChatGPT developed by Open AI. It is by far one of the most enhanced Chatbots, but what’s more strange is that it was not the beginning.

You might be a bit shaken to hear that it is not the first highly advanced Chatbot in the market, rather ChatGPT is the competitor to another AI Chat Bot made by people working at one of the Tech Giants. Yes, we are talking about Google AI Lamda, which was created by Google Employees and was originally the first Chatbot with highly advanced answering abilities mimicking Human Behavior. 

So, that takes us to the question of is Open AI ChatGPT is better than Google AI Lamda or more precisely a battle of AI to see which is the best AI Chat Bot to rule the world. We compiled this article on Google AI Lamda vs Open AI ChatGPT to put into perspective their individual abilities and pick one winner. Buckle up and enjoy the trip.

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Google AI Lamda vs Open AI ChatGPT

Google AI Lamda vs Open AI ChatGPT

Google AI Lamda Explained

Lamda or Language Model for Dialog Applications is a neural language model which is based on a transformer and pre-trained with the 1.56 Trillion worlds that involved free conversation and some other online pages. 

Google AI Lamda measures using feedback from the human raters, pre-trained and fine-tuned models. It is based on groundedness, quality, and safety criteria, but it can go up to around 137 Billion parameters. 

Open AI ChatGPT Explained

On the other hand, the ChatGPT from OpenAI is based on the architecture GPT 3.5 which includes training on;

  • Text DaVinci 002
  • 7/7 quality score rated samples by both the human labelers and the text Davinci 003
  • Demonstrations that are written by humans and trained fine-tuning on them under supervision.

This further means that there are around 175 Billion Parameters in ChatGPT in contrast to the 137 Billion Parameters in Google AI Lamda. Furthermore, in the ChatGPT upgraded version, there is RLHF or reinforced learning with human feedback and a comparison-trained model based on reward. 

We mentioned Davinci 002 in our Google AI Lamda vs Open AI ChatGPT but what does it actually mean? It is a base model Artificial Intelligent Trainer that takes other models into perspective to recommend the answers created and further train the model using the AI assistant and the user input/output.

Is Open AI ChatGPT better than Google AI Lamda?

Well from the above comparison we did of Google AI Lamda vs Open AI ChatGPT, it looks like ChatGPT is the real winner here but the talk is deeper than we know about it.

No one got to experience Google Lamda because it was never released like ChatGPT and the reason is that the Lamda didn’t work well with the Advertising Strategy of Google at that time.

AI Chatbots are known to mimic human behavior when they answer your questions and that makes them so special. But Google AI was powered by the Internet and the data that users put out there including strange statements, trolls, memes, fake news, hate speech, and so on.

It produced inaccuracy in the answers put up by Google AI. Therefore, it was never released to the public at that time and as of now, only a few AI Developers have access to it using the AI Test Kitchen. 

In the 2021 Financial Year, Google had 81 Percent of its income from the Advertising Strategy they had. The Google Search Engine is without any charges because it is based on user experience and users don’t like to pay or have ads on their Search Engine. Google is mostly based on advertisements and in 9 months of 2022, it had around 120 Billion in Income from Search and other divisions. More on Google Revenue here.

ChatGPT from Open AI is free of charge as of now and that makes it more popular than other AI-based Chatbots. Yes, it is good for answering or mimicking the behavior of humans, but in the future, they have to put up some type of revenue generation method for it to work. Furthermore, ChatGPT also has a nontechnical side to it, having less knowledge from the internet or other sources available.

In contrast to that, Google AI Lamda has a good lead because the answers have different metrics. The Groundedness matrix gives you answers on the outside resources that are reliable and the quality generates replies based on interest, sensibility, and specificity. 

Meaning the answers are more towards the question you put up including humor, surprise, and meaning. You can call it more generic in the sense. 

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is ChatGPT better than Google Lamda?


Does this still mean ChatGPT is better than Lamda? Well, no it doesn’t mean that but it means both have their own respective pros and cons when put together in a Google AI Lamda vs Open AI ChatGPT battle. We can’t use Lamda as of now but with ChatGPT popularity and Meta also on its way to a new Chat Bot, Google is going to come up with something unique and accurate that will beat both of them. 

One more thing to mention – ChatGPT is based on Google’s Engineer Conversational AI which was made in 2017. Strange… huh? Well, that is where Google is revving up for revenge on the ChatBots in the market. So, hopefully, we are going to experience a ChatBot War in 2023.

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