Helldivers 2 Devastators Guide 'Kill 15 Devastators' - How To Defeat Them

Helldivers 2 Devastators Guide ‘Kill 15 Devastators’ – How To Defeat Them

Devastators are formidable foes in the world of Helldivers 2, known for their resilience and deadly attacks. But fear not, fellow Helldiver, for with the right strategies and tactics, you can emerge victorious against these imposing adversaries. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of battling Devastators and provide you with essential tips for success.

Helldivers 2 Devastators Guide - How To Defeat Them

What are Devastators in Helldivers 2

Devastators are armored enemies that pose a significant threat on the battlefield. They resemble bulkier versions of the Berserkers and are equipped with formidable weaponry. Their primary objective is to eliminate Helldivers and thwart their missions, making them high-priority targets during engagements.


To effectively combat Devastators, it’s crucial to identify their weaknesses. Despite their formidable appearance, Devastators have a vulnerable spot – their head. Aim for this critical area to inflict maximum damage and expedite their defeat. Additionally, utilizing armor-piercing weapons can help penetrate their tough defenses and neutralize them more efficiently.

How To Defeat Devastators

When facing Devastators, employing the following strategies can greatly enhance your chances of success:

Focus Fire

Coordinate with your team to concentrate your firepower on Devastators, prioritizing them over other enemies. By focusing your attacks, you can quickly whittle down their health and eliminate them before they become a significant threat.

Utilize Cover

Use environmental cover to your advantage when engaging Devastators. Position yourself strategically to minimize exposure to their attacks while maintaining a clear line of sight to their vulnerable head.

Deploy Defensive Stratagems

Consider deploying defensive Stratagems such as Shield Generators or Static Fields to create barriers between you and the Devastators. These defensive measures can provide valuable protection and buy you time to mount a coordinated assault.

Coordinate Grenade Throws

Coordinate with your team to synchronize grenade throws at Devastators, exploiting any openings created by their attacks or momentary vulnerabilities. Timed correctly, grenades can deal significant damage and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Final Words

By identifying their weaknesses, employing recommended strategies, and working together as a team, you can overcome these formidable foes and emerge victorious in your missions. So gear up, fellow Helldiver, and prepare to face the challenge head-on – the fate of the galaxy depends on you!

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