How to Help Addison in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to Help Addison in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Can’t figure out How to Help Addison in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? You’re not the only one. Keep reading for a detailed guide on how to help Addison. Plus his known locations. 

How to Help Addison in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

How to Help Addison 

You first see Addison when returning to the surface from Hyrule Castle. He holds a big wooden sign in the rain. Speak to him. You’ll learn he’s a supporter of Hudson Construction putting up the company’s signs. The only problem? The sign keeps falling. Here’s how to help.

See Where the Sign Falls 

Before anything, you need to know in which direction the sign falls. To do this, ask Addison to Try letting go. See where the sign falls and remember it. The first sign falls to Addison’s left.

Make a Supporting Structure

Look behind Addison. You’ll see some boards and boulders. Use the Ultrahand ability to shape them into a free-standing, supporting structure. 

The simplest way to do this is an L-shaped brace. To make this, grab a wooden board and lay it on the ground. Then grab a second board and rotate it so it meets the other at a 90-degree angle. Join the two at their ends to make an L. 

Prop up the Sign 

Move the structure to Addison’s left. Place it so the sign’s horizontal part leans on the structure’s vertical part. Then ask Addison to Try letting go. This will lead to a short animation. If the support is sound, the sign won’t fall.

Addison will thank you once he sees the sign standing up. Then he will secure it so the support is no longer needed.

Receive Your Reward

Talk to Addison at the end. He will give you some money, a meal, and a rare ingredient from his collection as thanks. The meal restores some of your stamina wheels. While the rare ingredient is useful for recipes. 

You will receive this same reward every time you help Addison fix a sign.

All Known Addison Locations 

You will see Addison putting up signs throughout Hyrule. We know about nine of these so far. Every sign has building materials near it. But some of them need a more complex solution than an L-shaped prop. Check how the sign falls and design support accordingly.

Here’s a list of all the places you can find Addison with his President Hudson signs. 

  1. In Hyrule Castle Town Ruins near Central Square 
  2. South of Quarry Ruins
  3. Between Breach of Demise and Ludfo’s Bog 
  4. Directly south of Salari Hill
  5. West of Goron Hot Springs
  6. End of the path between Papetto Grove and Parache Plains 
  7. East of Mount Granajh
  8. End of the path between North Akkala Beach and Bloodleaf Lake 
  9. South of Pikida Stonegrove


You need to make a supporting brace to help hold up Addison’s sign. This guide on How to Help Addison in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom covers the exact process. As always, happy gaming!

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