Helping Officers Get a Break in Ready or Not

Helping Officers Get a Break in Ready or Not

Are you playing Ready or Not and wondering how to give officers a break? Taking care of the team is crucial in high-stress situations. Let’s explore some ways to support officers and ensure they get the respite they need.

Officers face intense situations regularly, and breaks are essential for their mental and physical well-being. Providing breaks helps officers recharge, reduces stress, and enhances their performance on duty.

Helping Officers Get a Break in Ready or Not

How To Give Break To Officers in Ready or Not

  • Use the “Tab” key to access your in-game phone. This action brings up various options and menus.
  • Navigate within the phone interface to find the roster menu. It contains a list of all officers under your command.
  • Within the roster, select the officer you want to give a break. Choose the option to swap them out or send them to therapy.
  • Once you’ve made the selection, the officer will be replaced or sent for therapy, providing them with the necessary break.

Rotate officers regularly to ensure everyone gets breaks without affecting operational effectiveness. Keep an eye on stress levels. Providing breaks can reduce stress and improve officer performance in future missions.


In Ready or Not, supporting officers by providing breaks is crucial for their overall well-being and efficiency on duty. By using the phone’s roster menu and swapping officers or sending them for therapy, you can ensure your team gets the necessary rest they deserve.

Remember, a well-rested team performs better in high-stress situations, ensuring a more effective and efficient operation.

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