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How does Multiplayer Work in Diablo 4 – Unlock, Progress, Trading, Communication, Cross Platform, and Inviting others!

Every MMO has two parts, one that you enjoy alone in an offline world and then an online world where you meet with friends and discover a completely new world. Whatever the case may be but online world dominates the offline in every aspect. Diablo 4 might be an online game, but still, there are two modes; the solo and the team. You can call the team the Diablo 4 Multiplayer.

In the multiplayer part of Diablo 4 players are having confusion as to how they progress and what’s the basic concept here. Here in this guide, we will be sharing with you the details of How does multiplayer work in Diablo 4.

How to Unlock Multiplayer in Diablo 4

In order to invite other people to play Diablo 4 Multiplayer with you, you need to first complete your campaign. This includes the quest Missing Pieces after reaching Kyovashad with Lorath.

How does Multiplayer Work in Diablo 4 - Unlock, Progress, Trading, Communication, Cross Platform, and Inviting others!

What do we mean by Multiplayer in Diablo 4?

A multiplayer is simply understood by the name itself. It is an online mode where you enjoy the game with your friends and players from around the globe.

It does depend on many things like your level in this mode, the team you are a player with, the platform you are playing from, and so on.


The first thing that everyone wants to know about is the progression in multiplayer mode. In the hellish world of Diablo 4, the progress is totally different.

Meaning, the account and the characters you made on your offline mode are not going to matter here anymore.

When you start online mode for the first time or just get started with the multiplayer, you will start from level 1. Every character or every player is going to have new data and it belongs to them.

When you are playing in a group the XP will have a 10 percent boost and it is specifically for killing monsters.

Furthermore, the gains, such as XP and Rewards are shared with you and the team members. On the other side, the Loot will remain with you and the one who picks it up.

One more thing is that there are some things like dungeons and locations where all the team members are required. This also includes the world bosses and the infamous Ashava himself.

But the side quests are not being shared with other members of the group, they are totally your own.


The best thing about the Multiplayer in Diablo 4 is Trading with your friends and others. You can simply throw the item and they can pick it up, simple as that.

Select the item from your inventory and throw it. Then the other person can just pick it up and use it in the inventory.


Unlike the offline mode in Diablo 4, where you can’t really talk to someone because no one is around you, there is proper communication here in the online mode.

You can either use the text chat to type in messages or use the voice chat to talk to them. For text messages, press enter and type in something you want to add. Press the tab and you will be cycling through the chat channels of party chat.

For voice chat, you need to open the social menu and join the party chat. In the options there are two further choices; either push to talk or open mic. Then you can also select between devices and change the controls as well.

Cross Platform and Progression

If you are using the same account of battlenet, then cross-progression is possible. As to what the cross-platform is giving you. Well, there are no limitations here.

If you are on the same battlenet account, then there is no need for cross-platform worrying. All the things you do including your data and progression will be saved on battlenet. It doesn’t matter whether you are shifting between the console and the system.

How does Multiplayer Work in Diablo 4 - Unlock, Progress, Trading, Communication, Cross Platform, and Inviting others!

How to Invite Someone in Multiplayer?

  • Go to the Social Tab using Escape or back on your controller. It can be found on the bar above
  • Press Add a Friend to add someone, mentioning the Battle tag (Thepanthertech#2019)
  • Invite to Party after clicking on a friend or accept the received request!
  • In case they accepted yours, they will be invited to your world, or in another case, you will be in their world
  • You can also invite a non-friend, by simply pointing the point on their profile and opening the emote wheel to select Invite to Party.

The Verdict

Blizzard is typically known for making online games and you might have heard of the legendary World of Warcraft and even the previous Diablo in the series. This goes the same way for Diablo 4 and the real experience starts from the Online Multiplayer COOP World. You can play with friends, share the stuff around, and get a fresh start from the beginning. How does Multiplayer Work in Diablo 4, we got a detailed guide here to help you out.

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