How to Add Friends in Honkai Star Rail

How to Add Friends in Honkai Star Rail

Are you ready to hop aboard the Astral Express and make some new friends in Honkai Star Rail? This gacha game has taken the world by storm since its release on April 26th, 2023, and players are eager to add new companions to their adventures.

If you’re new to the game, don’t worry! Adding friends in Honkai Star Rail is a straightforward process that we’ll guide you through in this beginner’s guide. So, grab your phone and let’s get started!

Before we dive into how to add friends, let’s cover the basics of Honkai Star Rail. This game is a role-playing adventure that takes place on the Astral Express, a train that travels through space and time. You play as a Trailblazer, a hero who fights against the Antimatter Legion to protect the universe.

As you progress through the game’s story, you’ll collect characters, weapons, and other items to aid you on your journey. You’ll also encounter other players, who can become your friends and allies.

How to Add Friends in Honkai Star Rail

Progressing to Trailblaze Level 9

To add friends in Honkai Star Rail, you must first progress to Trailblaze Level 9. This level is achieved by completing the game’s prologue section, “Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow: The Voyage Continues.” This segment follows your Trailblazer’s awakening and the crew’s efforts to defend the Herta Space Station against the Antimatter Legion’s attack.

Accessing the Friends Menu

Once you’ve reached Trailblaze Level 9, you can access the Friends menu by pressing ESC to open your character’s Phone screen. From there, click on the Friends button located on the top row of icons. This will display your friends list, including pending requests and blocked users.

Sending Friend Requests

To send a friend request, click on the second button at the top of the Friends screen. You’ll see a list of strangers and a text bar where you can enter UIDs (User IDs) of other players. If you know the UID of a player you’d like to add, you can enter it here. You can also request UIDs from your acquaintances and copy and paste them into the search bar.

Once you’ve entered a UID, click on the Search button. The search results will show the player’s Honkai Star Rail profile, including their character and progress in the game. If the profile matches the player you want to add, click on the Add Friend button to send a request.

Accepting Friend Requests

If another player sends you a friend request, you’ll receive a notification on your Phone screen. Click on the notification to view the request, and then click on the Accept button to add the player to your friends list. You can also choose to Decline the request or Block the player if you don’t want to add them as a friend.

Can you play Honkai Star Rails with Friends?

In contrast to its more widely known counterpart, Genshin Impact, this game is exclusively designed for single-player gameplay. Although it does not provide the option for you and your friends to form a multiplayer party, there are still many perks to having in-game friends.

Unfortunately, multiplayer gaming is not an option in Honkai: Star Rail. However, the game’s unique features and single-player gameplay make it stand out from the crowd. With its engaging storyline, intricate gameplay mechanics, and stunning visuals, Honkai: Star Rail is a must-try for any avid gamer.

How to Add Friends in Honkai Star Rail


Adding friends in Honkai Star Rail is a simple process that unlocks new opportunities for adventure and teamwork. Once you’ve progressed to Trailblaze Level 9 and completed the game’s prologue section, you can access the Friends menu and add friends.

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