How to Automate Abilities/Skills in Diablo 4

How to Automate Abilities/Skills in Diablo 4

It is a nightmare for some players to simply start spamming a single key for the ability to work. No worries, here in this guide, we show you How to Automate Abilities/Skills in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 is the latest and greatest from Blizzard Entertainment. Another MMORPG that took the gaming community by storm and succeded Diablo 3.

With new Classes to choose from and newer Skills to enjoy, you have a ton of choices to get by. Sometimes you need to click on abilities in combat to make them work. This is known as spamming and can be done when the ability has a lower or no cooldown.

It is hard, especially for those players who are focusing on a build with multiple spammable abilities. Not everyone has the same level of micromanagement.

It is all changed with the latest glitch in the game where you can automate the abilities of your character. The abilities will be automatically used and you just have to move onwards and focus on other things at hand.

How to Automate Abilities/Skills in Diablo 4

How to Automate Abilities/Skills in Diablo 4

In order to Automate Skills in Diablo 4, you can just have to go to the in-game settings and from there to the Key Bindings section. Under the Gameplay, you can find an option that says “Combine Move/Interact/BasicSkill”.

Un-tick that option and rebind the “Basic Skill Slot” to the key of your choice. Go down the options and change the “Move and Interact” to Left Click.

When you press, hold, and tap the key, it will start spamming it automatically. Pretty simple!

You can also take another way here. You can bind the ability to Numpad 1 and hold it. After you press Numpad again it will start spamming the ability constantly, without you having to tap constantly.

The Verdict

Sometimes it is a pain to spam the abilities yourself manually. This is especially the case with MMORPGs like Diablo 4. In order to Automate Abilities/Skills in Diablo 4, you will have to simply follow the steps we mentioned here in our guide.

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