How to Catch Galarian Articuno in Pokemon GO

How to Catch Galarian Articuno in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO throws you into a world where you can encounter and capture all sorts of amazing Pokemon, including legendary ones! If you’re setting your sights on the majestic Galarian Articuno, this guide will help you increase your chances of adding this icy bird to your collection.

What is Galarian Articuno?

Galarian Articuno is a special form of the iconic Articuno, known for its psychic and flying typing. It’s a powerful legendary Pokemon that many trainers dream of adding to their teams.

How to Catch Galarian Articuno in Pokemon GO

How to Encounter Galarian Articuno

Unlike most Pokemon, Galarian Articuno won’t appear in raids or the wild. Instead, your only chance of encountering it is by using the Daily Adventure Incense.

Get Your Daily Adventure Incense

This special incense is free to use once a day and attracts various Pokemon, including rare ones.

Activate the Incense and Start Walking

Once activated, the incense will attract Pokemon to your location for 15 minutes. Keep moving around during this time to maximize the chances of encountering different Pokemon.

Look for the Icy Bird

While there’s no guarantee, Galarian Articuno has a chance of appearing as one of the attracted Pokemon. Keep an eye out for a large, blue bird with a flowing mane of ice.

Since it’s a legendary Pokemon, Galarian Articuno will be very strong and difficult to catch. Make sure you have plenty of Poke Balls (preferably Ultra Balls or higher) and Golden Razz Berries to increase your catch rate.

Landing a Curveball with a Great or Excellent throw will significantly improve your chances of catching this legendary bird.

Even with preparation, catching Galarian Articuno might take multiple attempts. Be patient and keep trying, and who knows, you might just become its trainer!

How to Catch Galarian Articuno in Pokemon GO

Final Words

Using the Daily Adventure Incense and exploring different areas while it’s active is your best shot at encountering Galarian Articuno. With a bit of luck, patience, and preparation, you’ll be well on your way to catching this magnificent legendary Pokemon!

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