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How to Change Pal Boss Dungeon Spawn Timer in Palworld

Players on dedicated servers in Palworld may encounter an issue with the Pal Boss Dungeon spawn timer resetting due to server restarts, causing an inconvenient one-hour wait before the boss respawns. Fortunately, you can tweak the spawn timer by adjusting the DayTimeSpeedRate and NightTimeSpeedRate values in the PalWorldSettings.ini file.

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How to Change Pal Boss Dungeon Spawn Timer in Palworld

  • Access your Palworld server files and locate the PalWorldSettings.ini configuration file.
  • Use a text editor to open the PalWorldSettings.ini file for editing. Popular choices include Notepad or any code editor you are comfortable with.
  • Look for the “DayTimeSpeedRate” and “NightTimeSpeedRate” entries in the configuration file. These values control the speed of in-game time during the day and night, respectively.
  • To extend daytime and shorten nighttime, increase the value for “DayTimeSpeedRate” and decrease the value for “NightTimeSpeedRate.” For instance, change night to 4.000 from 1 and keep day to 1. This tweak will make daytime longer and nighttime shorter.
  • After making the adjustments, save the changes to the PalWorldSettings.ini file.
  • Restart your Palworld server to apply the modified settings.

By altering the DayTimeSpeedRate and NightTimeSpeedRate values, you can effectively manipulate the in-game time progression. This adjustment helps mitigate the inconvenience caused by the boss spawn timer resetting after server restarts, allowing for a more enjoyable and manageable gaming experience.

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Final Words

Experiment with different values based on your preferences, and fine-tune the settings to suit your gameplay style. Now, with the revised spawn timer, you can engage with Pal Boss Dungeons more frequently without the prolonged wait times. Enjoy your Palworld adventures with enhanced control over the game’s time mechanics!

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