How to Convert Audio to Text

How to Convert Audio to Text (Free and Paid Method)

Whether you are a creator or whether you are a writer, in both cases you might have wondered How to Convert Audio to Text without having to Pay anything or having to take the hard path to a simple task. We now have voice reader online too that helps convert text into audio.

In order to help you figure this thing out we compiled this Guide. Further, we took a step further and separated the Guide for both Free and Paid Methods. So, without any further delay, let us hop into the guide.

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Audio to Text

How to Convert Audio to Text – Free Methods

Using Windows Speech to Text

Windows Audio to Text (Dictation)

The first free method to convert Audio to Text is through Windows itself. For this method, you will need a total of two tools. 

  • Windows Dictation Tool
  • Virtual Audio Cable

In this method, we will use the Windows Dictation Tool which is available in Windows 10 and onwards. The Virtual Audio Cable converts the Audio you might input on your PC to the Audio that is being played on your PC. 

Then we will use the Windows Dictation Tool through Windows+H Key to start listening to the Audio played on your PC. Using Word, Docs, Notepad, or anything on which you can write on, it will start converting the Audio to Text automatically. Simple as that!


  • Download Virtual Audio Cable from here
  • Set up the Software and start it with admin access
  • Go to your Windows Sound Settings and turn both your Mic and Sound to Virtual Audio Cable.
  • Press Windows + H key to open the Windows Dictation Tool (set it up if asked)
  • Open the Audio File and play it while the Dictation Tool is listening.
  • Open something to write on like a Word File, DOCX File, Notepad, or so on. Click on that file before writing and when the file is playing, it will convert Audio to Text. 
  • So, that is the easiest method How to convert Audio to Text Free of Cost without any need for extra steps.

Google Cloud

Google Speech to Text

Google Speech to Text is something that you can avail for Free and also it becomes Paid. When you log into your Google Cloud account, you will be asked to Try it for Free. You will be given a few Credits to utilize on Speech to Text. It is as simple as that!


  • Log Into Google Speech to Text here.
  • Press on Try it for Free 
  • Put in your information like country and company
  • Put in your Payment Information
  • Press Start My Free Trial

How to Convert Audio to Text – Paid Methods

Auris AI

Auris AI Audio to Text

It is a website that is specifically made for Transcription that Converts your Audio to Text in the most professional way. It even adds Subtitles to the output, and breaks it down and there are tons of options for you to enjoy. Simply go to the Auris AI Link here, upload your file, and get started with it.


Veed IO Audio to Text

It is another Website that works to Convert your Audio to Text. Within a few clicks, you can Transcribe Speech to Text with AI, breaking down the whole Audio to Text with steps and giving you various options afterwards. Simply go to the VEED.IO Link here and get started with the conversion.

Moreover, for users seeking alternative options, FlexClip provides a user-friendly auto-subtitle tool. While Auris AI and VEED.IO specialize in professional transcription services with added functionalities like subtitle integration, FlexClip offers a convenient approach for automatic subtitle generation. This tool allows users to effortlessly add subtitles to videos, harnessing AI technology for efficient speech-to-text conversion. Whether opting for the dedicated capabilities of Auris AI and VEED.IO or the ease of automated subtitles through FlexClip, these tools cater to diverse transcription needs, offering varying levels of customization and user control. Each platform provides unique features, empowering users to select the most fitting solution based on their preferences and requirements.

Final Verdict

Well, here in our Guide on How to Convert Audio to Text we mentioned two Free Methods that are easy to use and we also mentioned two Paid methods that you can use to professionally Transcribe your Audio. Hope this Guide helped you and feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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Is it possible to convert audio to text?

Yes, there are a lot of methods to convert Audio to Text using free versions, as well as some paid options.

What is Audio to Text or Video to Text conversion called?

It is known as Transcribing Audio or Video. Furthermore, it means writing down the Audio or Video automatically or manually to a Word File, DOCX File, Notepad, or so on. 

Can I convert Audio to Text free?

Yes, you can do so with an amazing free method that involves downloading Virtual Audio Cable and utilizing the Windows Dictation tool from Windows. We further have details on this method in our Guide. 

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