How To Craft and Use the Sewing Bench in Nightingale

How To Craft and Use the Sewing Bench in Nightingale

In Nightingale, mastering the art of crafting is essential for survival and progression. One of the key crafting stations you’ll encounter is the Sewing Bench, which allows you to create armor and other items to aid you in your journey. Here’s a beginner-friendly guide on how to craft and use the Sewing Bench in Nightingale:

How To Craft and Use the Sewing Bench in Nightingale

How To Craft and Use the Sewing Bench in Nightingale

  1. Blueprint: Head to the friendly Essence Trader in Abeyance Realms. Buy the Sewing Bench blueprint with your hard-earned Essence Dust. You need 55 Essence Dust to buy this blueprint.
  2. Build Away: Find a crafting station like a Workbench and choose “Build.” Your Sewing Bench awaits!
    • You need 10 Wood Bundle.
    • 1 Bone.
    • 15 Fibre.

Make Clothes

Now for the fun part: making clothes! But first, some essentials:

  1. Hide Seek: Purchase Hide from the Essence Trader. You’ll need a fair amount, so be prepared to bargain or explore for more Essence Dust.
  2. Leather Love: At your Tanning Station (craft one if you haven’t already), turn that Hide into Leather. Alchemy magic!

Armor Sets

It’s time to craft! Remember, higher-level gear means better protection and Gear Score:

  1. Simple Set: Choose the “Simple Armor Set” recipe. It requires 1 Leather and 4 Plant Fibers. Click “Craft” and voila! Basic protection achieved.
  2. Upgrade Frenzy: As you explore and gather resources, unlock better armor recipes like the “Leather Armor Set” or even the “Hide Armor Set.”

As you progress in Nightingale, don’t hesitate to experiment with different crafting recipes and techniques. Keep improving your gear and crafting skills to enhance your survivability and effectiveness in the game.

Final Words

With a Sewing Bench and some crafting love, you’ll be stitching up awesome armor and boosting your Gear Score in no time. Remember, Nightingale is all about exploration and creativity, so have fun crafting your way to adventure!

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