How To Craft Golem Workbench In Conan Exiles

How To Craft Golem Workbench In Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Chapter 3 introduces a new feature that lets you create golems to help you in your adventures. These powerful creatures can be customized to your liking and are excellent companions for gathering resources. To start crafting your own golems, you’ll need a golem workbench. Here’s how to get one:

How To Craft Golem Workbench In Conan Exiles

Unlocking the Golem Constructor Knowledge

If you’re looking to craft Golem parts in Conan Exiles, you’ll need a Golem Workbench and a Guardian Assembly Station. To get the blueprint for the Golem Workstation, you must first unlock the Golem Constructor Knowledge. You can do this by finding Master Carver Huang, who can be found at Mek-kamoses Spire or Camp of the Castaways on the Isle of Siptah. Once you have the blueprint, you can begin crafting the Golem Workbench.

Crafting the Golem Workbench

To craft a Golem Workbench, you will need 300 pieces of Wood, 100 Bricks, and 50 Iron Bars. After obtaining these materials, use the Construction Hammer to craft the workstation. There is an upgraded version of the Golem Workbench that requires 80 Wood and four Blood Crystals to craft. You can also repair this workstation using 60 Wood and three Blood Crystals.

The standard Golem Workbench can be repaired using 225 Wood, 75 Bricks, and 38 Iron Bars. Once you have the Golem Workbench, you can place it in your preferred location and begin crafting Golem parts by interacting with the workstation.

Upgrading the Golem Workbench

There is also an upgraded version of the Golem Workbench, which requires 80 Wood and four Blood Crystals to craft. This version is much more efficient and faster than the standard version. Additionally, you can repair the upgraded workstation using 60 Wood and three Blood Crystals.

Crafting Golem Parts

With the Golem Workbench in place, you can begin crafting golem parts. There are three tiers of golem parts: Stone, Iron, and Crystalline. Each golem requires six components, including a head, torso, two arms, and two legs. Stone and Iron golem parts can be crafted at the Golem Workbench, but Crystalline parts can only be obtained by completing Kurak’s dungeon or purchasing them from Master Carver Huang.

Assembling Your Golem

Once you have all the necessary parts, you can assemble your golem at the Golem Workbench. You can also equip your golem with weapons to increase its effectiveness in gathering and fighting. For example, a scythe or sickle is excellent for harvesting plants, while a hammer or axe is versatile for both harvesting and fighting.

Giving Commands to Your Golem

After assembling your golem, you can give it commands to gather materials or fight enemies. Your golem can collect wood, stones, minerals, or even eat plants. By choosing the right materials and weapons for your golem, you can create a specialized companion that will help you in your adventures.


The Golem Workbench is an essential part of creating golems in Conan Exiles. By unlocking the Golem Constructor Knowledge and crafting the workstation, you can start creating customized golems to aid you in gathering resources and fighting enemies. It’s important to choose the right materials and weapons to make your golem as effective as possible. With the help of your new golem companion, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the world of Conan Exiles.

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