How To Deal With Lethal Company Spring Head

How To Deal With Lethal Company Spring Head

The Lethal Company Spring Head has become a notorious challenge for many gamers. Its eerie appearance, swift movements, and terrifying abilities make it a formidable opponent. Fear not, as we’ve come up with a guide to help you conquer this menacing creature.

What is Lethal Company Spring Head Monster?

The Spring Head, resembling a mannequin with a spring neck and a hauntingly creepy head, is an indoor monster known for its unsettling presence. Its short arms damaged torso, and screaming head on a spring make it a visually disturbing entity.

How To Deal With Lethal Company Spring Head

How To Deal With Lethal Company Spring Head

Surviving encounters with the Spring Head requires strategic maneuvers. When faced with this entity, remember the following:

Maintain Eye Contact: Keeping the Spring Head in your line of sight is crucial. Avoid breaking visual contact as this can trigger its aggressive behavior.

Slow and Steady: When encountering the Spring Head, slowly back away towards an exit. Quick movements might agitate it, leading to a more aggressive pursuit.

Avoiding Sudden Turns: Abruptly turning away from the Spring Head can intensify its movements. Instead, make gradual movements to maintain control over the encounter.

Final Words

Dealing with Lethal Company Spring Head requires a combination of observation, strategy, and composure. By maintaining visual contact, strategic movements, and effective teamwork, you can overcome this challenging adversary.

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