How To Defeat Maangodin Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones

How To Defeat Maangodin Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones

Are you ready to take on one of the most formidable challenges in Skull and Bones? The Maangodin Ghost Ship is a fearsome adversary that requires cunning strategy and precision to defeat. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to successfully overcome the Maangodin and emerge victorious.

Before engaging the Maangodin, ensure that your ship is fully equipped and upgraded. Stock up on ammunition, repair supplies, and any special abilities or upgrades that may aid you in battle. Consider equipping weapons that are effective against ghostly foes and have the range to target the Maangodin’s weak points.

What is Maangodin Ghost Ship

The Maangodin is a level 8 spectral monstrosity, meaning it packs a spectral punch. You’ll find it lurking about at night (though some say it sticks around during the day too, maybe it just misses the sun?). While it looks spooky, don’t be fooled by its ghostly exterior – it’s vulnerable to good, old-fashioned firepower.

The Maangodin Ghost Ship can be found prowling the waters near The Oubliette, a small outpost located southwest of the Red Isles. Navigate your ship to this area and be prepared for a challenging encounter.

How To Defeat Maangodin Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones

Weak points

The Maangodin is impervious to damage except for its red weak points located on its broadsides. These vulnerable areas are your key to defeating the ghost ship. Keep a sharp eye out for these weak points as you engage the Maangodin in combat.

Focus Your Fire

  • Cannons, ballistae, culverins – anything that throws a punch (or a fiery ball) works wonders. Aim for its weak points, those ghostly wisps that glow around the ship, to deal maximum damage.
  • Bombards are great for blasting large chunks of the ghost ship at once, especially if you can lure smaller ghost ships nearby for some collateral damage.
  • This ain’t a solo job! Bring your heartiest crew and communicate well. Focus fire on weak points, avoid its spectral attacks, and don’t get spooked by its ghostly moans.
How To Defeat Maangodin Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones

Avoid Maangodin’s Attacks

During the battle, employ evasive maneuvers to avoid the Maangodin’s attacks while maintaining a clear line of sight to its weak points. Keep your distance when necessary and utilize the terrain to your advantage. Patience and careful positioning are key to outmaneuvering the ghost ship and securing victory.

The DMC, Privateers, and Rogues might decide to join the party uninvited, so be ready for a multi-front battle.

Win The Battle

The Maangodin is a formidable opponent, but with determination and persistence, you can overcome its spectral defenses. Stay focused on targeting its weak points, adapt your tactics as needed, and don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal: defeating the ghost ship and claiming victory on the high seas.


Defeating the Maangodin Ghost Ship grants you sweet loot, including:

  • Ethereal Ashes: This ghostly currency lets you buy unique cosmetics and the fearsome Spectre flamethrower.
  • Other Treasures: Chests often hold valuable resources and maybe even blueprints for powerful upgrades.

Final Words

By following these steps and employing a combination of skill, strategy, and teamwork, you can defeat the Maangodin Ghost Ship in Skull and Bones and cement your legacy as a legendary pirate captain. So hoist the sails, ready your cannons, and prepare for an epic battle on the unforgiving waters of the Indian Ocean.

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