How to Defeat Suzaku Early in Palworld

How to Defeat Suzaku Early in Palworld

Go on a captivating journey in Palworld brings the opportunity to encounter and befriend various mystical creatures known as Pals. Suzaku, a Fire Element Pal, awaits your discovery in the vast landscapes of the game. Let’s explore how you can defeat and catch him early in the game. I was level 30 and I managed to catch a level 42 Suzaku in Palworld.

Suzaku can be found in the desert region situated to the northeast of the Palworld map. Navigate through the arid landscape to locate this elusive Fire Element Pal.

How to Defeat Suzaku Early in Palworld

In this deserted area, you will find many Suzaku just flying around, they will be between levels 40-42. So, if you are below level 35 it is not recommended to fight him unless you have good weapons.

The desert habitat may have varying temperatures, so be prepared for the environmental conditions when searching for Suzaku.

  • Don’t use normal pals against Suzaku. He will one-shot them instantly and they will die.
  • If you have a Panking in your party, use him. He can freeze Suzaku again and again, that way you can deal more damage to him.
  • He is weaker against Ice Type Pals. So, bring Ice Type pals into the battle.
  • If you found a handgun schematic already, make a handgun and then create an Ammo for it.
  • Fight Suzaku using a Handgun.
  • Once his health is below 10% start throwing Hyper Spheres at him. Don’t use Giga or Mega at him, they won’t work.

If you are below level 35, bring a friend with you. If you have two ice pals fighting him at the same time, it will be much easier to catch or defeat him. Suzaku has unique Partner Skills and belongs to the Fire Element.

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