How to do Homework with AI - Guide to Caktus AI

How to do Homework with AI: Guide to Caktus AI

Honestly, we all experienced the potential of AI in one year more than our whole life. 2022 was really the best experience when it comes to using AI Tools to make things easier and 2023 is going to be a lot more exciting.

Nevertheless, all the Artificial Intelligence based Tools were related to Chat Bot like ChatGPT, generating images using Dall-E or using Point-E to Generate 3D Models. The students, as well as teachers, wanted something to help them out as well.

So, we went ahead and compiled this article on How to do Homework with AI, Guiding you to Caktus AI, which is an Artificial Intelligence Tool to help you do Homework effortlessly.

How to do Homework with AI

What is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI is an Intelligent Tool that is used for Schooling. It can help out the Teachers in making the Instructions easier for Students, while also enhancing the response, outcome, and engagement.

It is more like a Learning Platform based on Artificial Intelligence, that can look out for the needs of students and also define their preferences, then adjust to the needs accordingly.

In simpler wordings who don’t actually get the technical side. This Platform uses Artificial Intelligence to sort out the needs of students individually and give them the knowledge that they actually need in contrast to the traditional method where the teacher just teaches every student the same thing.

Guide to Caktus AI

How Caktus AI will do all of this?

Well, for the most part, Caktus AI is a huge platform with various Tools and Applications based on Artificial Intelligence to assist with instructions given to Students in the Classroom.

In the resources of Caktus AI, you will get the software to get Essays, ChatBots for Feedback, and Responses from AI in various aspects.

This is mostly about Caktus AI, but we are here to give you a Guide on Caktus AI and How to do Homework with AI using this incredible tool. So, let’s jump straight to the topic

Guide to Caktus AI

In order for you to understand this incredible AI Platform easier and Do Homework using AI, we divided this Guide to Caktus AI into two parts: The first one being How to Use Caktus AI and the Second one being How to do Homework with AI.

How to Use Caktus AI

Being something that revolves around Students and Teachers, the logic and environment of Caktus AI are incredibly simple. In order to Do Homework with AI or use Caktus AI, you will have to follow the steps below;

Using Caktus AI
  • Go to the Caktus AI Official Site from the Link given
  • Find Create New Essay + Button on the Left-Top side
  • Click on this Button
  • Sign-up Page will appear where you need to give your Password, Email, and Username
  • Log Into the Platform

How to Do Homework with AI

Now that you know how to get to Caktus AI and use it for various tasks, we will go into the details of doing Homework with Caktus AI. A little Glimpse of this AI Platform would be doing Mat Problems, Chemical Equation Composing, Learning about Coding, Talking about Space, and so on.

It has a little Gimmick or Fun part where you can also generate Excuses for being late to your Class if you are Student and also many other features to let you enjoy Caktus AI as much as you can.

Do Homework with AI using Caktus AI

Writing with Caktus AI

When you Log Into Caktus AI, you can use the Writing Feature to write much about anything, ranging from Essays, Paragraphs, Ted Talks, Statements, and YouTube to even Questioning or Discussions.

Coding with Caktus AI

This one is a bit fun, but you can use the Caktus AI Writer to write Python, C, Java, Go, Typescript, and Javascript Codes.

Career with Caktus AI

Suffering with finding a Cover Letter, Resume Points, Daily Tips, Questions, or anything related to your Career? Well, Caktus AI got your back here as well and you can Do Homework with AI using Caktus AI.

Problem Solving with Caktus AI

Simple as that! Now, you can also use the Problem-solving feature of Caktus AI to solve your Science and Math Problems without having to search the Internet for Research Papers.

Playground with Caktus AI

Using this feature in Caktus AI, you can literally do Story Writing, Language, Summarize, Conversations, and convert to Mandarin or from Mandarin

Job with Caktus AI

If you are a bit ahead of your Studies as a Student and want to go for a Job, Caktus AI will do anything for you that you literally want.

STEM with Caktus AI

You got Homework related to STEM that you need to do, don’t worry. With the Caktus AI Homework Feature you can do Integrals, Present Values, Derivatives, Chemical Analysis, Geometric Shifting, Reaction Balancing, Geology Tutoring, and so on. That’s How to do Homework with AI in Style.

Fun Features of Caktus AI

  • Make Absent Excuses with Caktus AI
  • Create Text Responders
  • Compile Love Letters for your romantic journey
  • Make captions using Caktus
  • Write Song with its Song Writer
  • Analyze Movie Scenes easily
  • Use the FlashCard Feature to help you in your studies

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How does Caktus AI work?

Pricing of Caktus AI

Now that you have a complete Guide on Caktus AI, answer your basic questions about How to use Caktus AI and How to do Homework with AI. Let’s talk a bit about how Caktus AI work.

It provides you with so many features as a Student and as a Teacher but it won’t be free right?

Free Caktus AI Plan

Yes, Caktus AI works on the Credit System that is associated with your Account. Every Feature that we mentioned in our Guide to Caktus AI takes away Credits, as each one takes 1 Credit per answer.

At the start, you get around 20k Credits in your Account, but if you invite friends, the Referral System gives you 10k Credits in your account.

Premium Caktus AI Plan

Besides this; there are also Paid Plans available for you to avail. They are not Costly and included in the Monthly or Yearly Premium Category. These Premium Plans for Caktus AI are;

  • 9.99 Dollars Monthly
  • 59.99 Dollars Annually

With these Premium Caktus AI Plans you will get Unlimited Credits, Advanced Features of AI for more Coding or Essay Writing. More Flashcard Templates and Studies Templates. The Content given to you will be Plagiarism Free, meaning it is fully Unique.

Final Verdict

Now that you know how to do homework with AI, you need to make sure that things don’t get out of hand. AI is a tool to make your life easier, giving you more time to focus on things that actually matter, not the other way around. We compiled this Guide to Caktus AI to help you as a Student and as a Teacher to get the most out of your precious time.

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