How To Duplicate Items in House Flipper 2

In the thrilling world of House Flipper 2, mastering the art of item duplication can significantly boost your game. Duplication is a handy technique that lets you create multiples of your favorite items, unlocking endless possibilities for creativity and efficiency in designing dream spaces. Here’s a guide on how to duplicate items in House Flipper 2.

How To Duplicate Items in House Flipper 2

How To Duplicate Items in House Flipper 2

To begin your duplication journey in House Flipper 2, you must first unlock the ‘Like Two Drops of Water‘ perk. This vital perk is found within the Perks menu under the Flipper Tool section. Once unlocked, you’re ready to dive into duplication.

  • Head over to the Perks menu and locate the ‘Like Two Drops of Water‘ perk. Invest your hard-earned points into unlocking this feature to access item duplication.
  • Once the perk is unlocked, equip your Flipper Tool. This is your key to interacting with items and initiating the duplication process.
  • With the Flipper Tool in hand, press the designated button ‘R’ to bring up the wheel menu.
  • Navigate through the wheel menu until you find the ‘Duplicate’ option.
  • Upon selecting the ‘Duplicate’ option, the game initiates the duplication process. Watch as your chosen item or furniture magically multiplies, ready for you to use in your designs.
How To Duplicate Items in House Flipper 2

Final Words

With the ‘Like Two Drops of Water’ perk and the Flipper Tool in hand, you can effortlessly replicate your favorite items and furniture, adding flair and efficiency to your interior designing adventures.

So, gear up, unlock the perk, wield your Flipper Tool, and dive into the world of duplication, where creativity knows no bounds!

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