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How to Equip Items in For the King 2

For the King 2 is a vibrant, colorful, COOP RPG, developed by Curve and Iron Oak Games. It is the successor to the previous TTRPG, having a touch of roguelike, but much more in-depth.

One of the things that most players have been suffering from recently is the ability to equip items. There is no clear way around it that shows you how to do so. But, here in this guide, we are going to share with you details on How to Equip Items in For the King 2.

How to Equip Items in For the King 2

Why can’t I Equip Items in For the King 2?

There seems to be a game bug that doesn’t instantly put the items in the game for you. But, again, this is not for all the players, because most of them don’t even have the correct button input to equip items. Let’s go into the details below.

How to Equip Items in For the King 2

To equip items in For the King 2, you have to heave to inventory. Right-click Item>Select Equip option. Open the inventory in-game using the “I” key on your keyboard, or you can also open it with the bag icon on the screen.

There is an in-game bug as well that doesn’t allow the users to equip items in the game. You can fix that by restarting it once.


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