How To Fight Clickers in The Last Of Us Part 1 PC

The Clickers in The Last of Us Part 1 are one of the most daunting enemies players will face. With their heightened sense of hearing and deadly attacks, it can be challenging to overcome them. Here are some tips to help players deal with these terrifying monsters.

How To Fight Clickers in The Last Of Us Part 1 PC

Understanding Clickers in The Last Of Us Part 1

Clickers are blind, so players can use a flashlight to navigate around them. However, if they are accompanied by runners or other infected, players must stay hidden to avoid detection. Clickers rely solely on their sense of hearing, so players must be careful not to make any noise. On higher difficulty levels, players must move very slowly to avoid detection.

Silent Elimination

To eliminate a Clicker silently, players can use a Shiv. It’s essential to have at least one in your inventory as getting caught by a Clicker without a Shiv will result in death. Players can sneak up on a Clicker and use a Shiv or defend themselves with one after being caught by a Clicker (requires the Shiv Master skill).

Other Methods

Players can also use Molotov Cocktails or ranged weapons to take down Clickers. However, this method is not recommended for areas with multiple Clickers as it generates noise and can attract other infected. Additionally, melee weapons other than Shivs are ineffective against Clickers.

Avoiding Clickers

If possible, it’s best to avoid confrontation with Clickers. Players can distract them by throwing items or move past them while keeping a safe distance. Killing Clickers can be risky, especially on higher difficulty levels where Shivs are harder to find.

How To Fight Clickers in The Last Of Us Part 1 PC


Clickers are a challenging enemy in The Last of Us Part 1, but with the right tactics, players can overcome them. Remember to stay quiet, use a Shiv for silent takedowns, and avoid confrontation if possible. Surviving the Clickers is essential to progress through the game, so stay alert and stay alive.

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