How to Find Online Jobs in Pakistan

How to Find Online Jobs in Pakistan

We all know that Pakistan is facing a lot of problems related to Jobs. All the Youth is looking forward to getting a degree and pursuing higher education but upfront there are not enough Jobs. For that, we have here a Guide on How to Find Online Jobs in Pakistan to help Pakistani Brothers and Sisters find a way to earn Online.

Everyone likes to get a higher degree and get educated but on the backend, there is only one goal – to earn more. There are a lot of Graduates coming out Annually in Pakistan but we all know that there isn’t enough worthy work out there to get stable in life.

Just like the whole world is shifting to Remote Work, the Pakistani Youth is also looking for Online Jobs in Pakistan. But the question is how it can be done. Well, for that reason we have here an amazing guide for you.

Are you a Student Looking for Online Jobs in Pakistan? Worry no more because here we have an amazing Guide on How to Find Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students.

What do Online Jobs actually mean?

From Online Work we mean work that is outside the premises of Pakistan and is basically worldwide. You can do that work Online without having to go outside, serve long hours, travel around, and so on. It can be done through your PC and you have to develop skills for that Job.

The most popular terms you might have heard are Agencies, Software Houses, Freelancer, and so on. It is important to note that basically all of the terms above have the same background – they take work from outside of Pakistan.

Online Jobs in Pakistan

There are various Jobs available in Pakistan like Freelance Writers, Editors, Developers, Designers, Virtual Assistants, and so on. This was more on the Technical Skill based side, while others include Social Media Management, Data Entry, Customer Service, and so on.

How to Find Online Jobs in Pakistan?

There are some steps that you have to follow in order to Find Online Jobs in Pakistan. These steps are;

Making and Choosing Skills

First of all, find what catches your interest and what is closer to your skills. You can write them down on a piece of paper to get more knowledge about yourself. You might be good with English and Typing, paving a better way for being a Content Writer.

You might be good with Drawing and has good Imagination, you can pick a side with Graphics Designing. You might be good with Management or Business, you can go for Virtual Assistance or you can also go for Amazon. Coding is another thing that helps you become a Developer or you can go for WordPress Development if you are good with Frontend. You basically get the point.

Traditional Online Jobs – Agencies, Software House, Private Org, etc.

Now you know what are your interests and what you can actually go for, you need to Find Online Jobs in Pakistan. Go to Google and write “Online Job Websites”, there will be a list of online jobs.

You will mostly get LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed as some popular choices. There are various Jobs Listed there based on a specific pathway in your field. For Content Writers, it might be Web Content or Academic writing. For a Graphics Designer it might be Logo Designing or Brochure Designing and so on.

If you even find work, you need to pick it up and start learning it from YouTube, that is the real secret here. You can even search the Terms online to get better know-how if it’s even possible.

You can find Online Jobs in Pakistan on, LinkedIn and pk.Indeed here.

Freelancing – Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

There are even Freelancing platforms that provide you with Client Based Work. The most notable ones are Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. Businesses and even Individuals will hire you for Online Jobs in Pakistan. You need to make a profile there and optimize it afterward.

You can learn more about Fiverr and Upwork use from YouTube which is free of cost and a way better mean of learning. If you are looking to Freelance on Fiverr, you can check out our list of Top 10 Skills You Need to Learn For Freelancing On Fiverr in 2023.

Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Social Media is another way to Find Online Jobs in Pakistan but you will have to find connections yourself, and talk with various people on Social Media platforms like Facebook Marketplace, LinkedIn, Instagram, and so on.

What you need to be aware of are Scams. There are lots of times the other party might give you work and in the end, they don’t give you the payment or pay less. It mostly happens in Social Media while it happens least in Freelancing platforms because of their Rules and Regulations.

Final Verdict

Well, here is everything we have on How to Find Online Jobs in Pakistan. The world is shifting towards Online Skill Based Work more than traditional Government Based Jobs. Pakistan is suffering more than other countries when it comes to Jobs and the only way possible to earn is through Online Means.

So, you need to skill up and make a good Profile and Portfolio where you can show your skills and what you are actually capable of. If you are interested in Learning More you can ask us about things in the Comment Section Below.

We do Highly Recommend that you use YouTube to Learn all the Skills and get every Knowledge you want to Start Earning Online. You can also find amazing YouTube Gurus who can Guide you on Fiverr, and Upwork and can also help you get work online.


What Work Can I Do in Pakistan at Home?

There is various work that you can do in the comfort of your home like Software and Development, Support for Clients and Customers, Sales, Business Development, Graphics Designer, Writer, Networking, Finance, Accounts, Marketing, and so on.

Which Online Work is best for Girls?

Program Coordinators are termed as the best work for Girls Online but they are also quite good with Virtual Assistance, Business handling, Coordinators, Program Associate, Writers, communication, and so on.

What are the highest-paying Online Jobs in Pakistan?

The highest Paying Online Jobs in Pakistan are Automation Specialist, Graphics Designer, SEO, Film Editor, Writer, Designer, and so on.

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