How to fix Atomic Heart not saving issue

How to fix Atomic Heart not saving issue

Atomic Heart might be a volunteer for Game of the Year 2023 but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any issues with that. Once in a while, a lucky gamer might get a saving issue where the game doesn’t save. It is quite frustrating if you want me to be honest, but that’s exactly why we compiled this guide on How to fix Atomic Heart not saving issue. So, let’s jump straight to the chase!

Why does the game not save in Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart is quite a reasonable game with good optimization. But, many players on Reddit reported a problem with the saving mechanic of the game that causes players to lose their progress, as well as the save.

When this happens, the progress of the player is lost in Atomic Heart and it could be because of various reasons like;

  • Not compatible with the Device
  • Network issues
  • Glitches in the Server
  • A ton of players playing at the same time

Fixing Atomic Heart not saving issue

There isn’t a single problem solver or show stopper for the Atomic Heart not saving issue. We will mention the best options that worked for various people and you can go through them one by one in order to fix this.

How to fix Atomic Heart not saving issue

Save Files Backup

You can go with the Atomic Heart manual save because this issue is related to the auto-save in Atomic Heart. You can make a backup of your saved files from the game to make sure things aren’t out of control.

Updating Graphics Card Drivers

  • If you are an Nvidia user, you should go to Nvidia Experience, download it, sign up or log in, and simply use it to get the latest drivers.
  • In case you are an AMD user, you should go to the AMD support, download the app, open it, and utilize the information given to get the latest drivers.

Clearing the Cache

  • In case Atomic Heart isn’t saving, you should also clear the Cache from Steam by going to the Steam App, then to Settings and Download. There you will find the Clear Download Cache option.

Getting Rid of Unnecessary Stuff

  • Sometimes the unnecessary stuff you have connected with your PC while playing Atomic Heart is causing the issue of the game not saving. Try disconnecting all the things that are unnecessarily there.

Closing Tabs and Verifying Game Files

  • Close all the Tabs in the game and restart your PC. Then relaunch the game after that.
  • Verify the Game Files
  • Again, open your Steam Library, go to the Properties of Atomic Heart, and from there to the Local Files. Find the option for Verify Integrity of Game Files and launch Atomic Heart. It should Fix the Loading Problem of the game not saving.

Force closing and trying again

When you get this error in Atomic Heart, you should just force close it at the same time and try the game again from the start. Yes, you heard that right because some Reddit users completely fixed this problem by force-closing the game and making new save slots from the beginning.

Contacting Support Team

In case nothing works, then you can contact the Atomic Heart Mundfish Support Team and ask them to fix this issue.

How to know when Atomic Heart is not saving?

The best indicator for that is definitely the Disconnect Message while playing Atomic Heart. Whenever you get this showing on the screen, it means that the game isn’t saving.

You will have to restart the game in order to save the game or connect with the server. But, as soon as you restart the game, the saves will be lost. You can try to do the saves manually in Atomic Heart and then go with the fix we mentioned above.

Final Verdict

Well, that’s all the details on How to fix Atomic Heart not saving issue. We heard in the streets that it got fixed by developers in a recent patch. Try reinstalling the game after a complete uninstallation.

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