How to fix can't see Tracks on Spotify Discovery Mode

How to fix can’t see Tracks on Spotify Discovery Mode

Spotify has a personalized recommendation feature that allows new artists to emerge and showcase their skills to the world or you can also call this feature the Discovery Mode. In case you can’t see your tracks on Spotify Discovery, then here is a guide to help you out.

What is Spotify Discover?

Discovery Mode is like the personalized recommendation feature where artists and their teams can put up certain songs for promotions.

Pointing towards the Algorithm of Spotify, these certain songs will be recommended to the audience who are looking forward to something good to play on Autoplay or Radio.

For the artists, Spotify now has a monthly reports system that shows the details about their selected songs. It will show how often are they Saved, Added to the Playlist, reached, and which Audience got attracted.

Why can’t I see my Tracks on Spotify Discovery Mode?

The first thing that you should do is to check the eligibility criteria for the Mode itself. In case you don’t fall there, then it is not worth competing for.

You should rather try to make sure you are in the eligibility and then try to again put your Tracks in Spotify Discover.

You should also make sure that the track you have should be;

  • a Participating Licensor is the Track’s Distributor
  • The track is released for a minimum of 30 days on Spotify
  • That Track is streamed in Autoplay or even Radio for a minimum of 7 Days.
How to fix can’t see Tracks on Spotify Discovery Mode


Well, that’s How to Fix in case you can’t see your Track on Spotify Discovery Mode. Just make sure you are meeting the requirements of the Track that is displayed for the Discovery.

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