How to Fix Can't Send Messages on Instagram issue

How to Fix Can’t Send Messages on Instagram issue

We all have had our share of errors on Social Media platforms, but lately, there has been an issue with Instagram that doesn’t let you Send Messages, resulting in an error of “Can’t Send Messages on Instagram”

It isn’t a secret that Instagram Messaging Application is one of the most famous and quite useful Messaging applications. You can turn on your Instagram, chat with your friends or family over a topic, and also interact with followers or people who are your fan. Additionally, if you’re interested in connecting with Pakistani and Asian individuals, you can explore chat rooms specifically designed for this purpose. One such platform is where you can engage in conversations and meet like-minded individuals from these communities.

But, there are times when you will come across issues on Instagram, resulting in either Can’t Send Messages or any other error. So, here in this Guide, we are going to discuss How to Fix Can’t Send Messages on Instagram Issue that might probably fix all other Messaging Issue as well, related to your Instagram Account.

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Quick Fix to Can’t Send Messages on Instagram

If you are looking to quickly Fix this issue of Can’t Send Messages on Instagram, you can follow the points one by one. Then again, we went ahead and defined those points in detail. In case you might not know how to do a certain thing, you can follow the Headings.

  • Restart your Instagram Application
  • Update your Instagram
  • Check the Connection of your Internet
  • Instagram might have simply Blocked you
  • Location Issue: Try a VPN
  • Instagram Server Might be at Fault: Verify it!
  • Device Updates might be Available
  • Instagram Might be at Fault: Wait for a Fix!

Now, these are the Quick Fixes if you Can’t Send Messages on Instagram. Let’s dive deep into the topic.

How to Fix Can’t Send Messages on Instagram Issue

Restart Your Instagram Application

Restart Instagram App

An easy fix for nearly anything in this World is to Restart it, including your Instagram Application when you get the “Can’t Send Message on Instagram” issue. You can also stop the App and re-launch it.

Or, you can also Log out of your Account and then sign back into it if you are not able to send messages on Instagram. For Android, you can also take a step further and Clear Cache in App Settings.

There is another issue where Instagram Keeps Stopping. Check out our complete Guide on How to Fix Instagram Keeps Stopping to solve this problem.

Update your Instagram

Updating Instagram

Most certainly this Issue of not being able to send messages on Instagram is related to software. A bug, crash or any issue from the developer side might have caused it. You can check the App or Play Store for your Smartphone to know whether there is an Update for your Instagram that fixes this issue.

Check the Connection of your Internet

Checking Internet Connection for Instagram

You need an Internet Connection to use Instagram, which is quite obvious. But, there are times you are so busy and focused on Messaging that you don’t even notice the Internet Connection.

If you are outside, then your Data or Sim Internet might be at fault here, and honestly, none of us check Internet Connection nowadays till there is something completely out of place.

In case something happens to the Internet Connection, you Can’t Send Messages on Instagram, along you with getting deprived of viewing Timeline, Pics, Videos, and so on.

An easy fix is to turn Off and On the Internet Connection, check the Modem or Sim Data or you need to verify the cause in other conditions. You can also use the Aeroplane Mode to simply reset the Internet. If this is a deeper issue with your current connection, you can negotiate your contract with your ISP or use internet service by address tools to find a better provider.

Instagram Might have Simply Blocked You

Blocked on Instagram

If you followed the Headings above in our Guide of How to Fix Can’t Send Messages on Instagram Issue but couldn’t get results, then it might just be that you are Blocked from Instagram.

We don’t want to be bearers of Bad News but it is one of the most common causes of your unable to send Instagram Messages to anyone. First, make sure your Internet is Working and there are no other Updates for the Application.

Then check whether it is related to a certain person or the issue of Can’t Send Messages on Instagram is related to all the people you interact with. If it is a single person, then He/She might have Blocked Communication with you, but if it is the other case, then Instagram Might have Blocked you from sending Messages for some while.

When you go to the Timeline, scrolling and interacting, you will be given the Notification if Instagram Blocked you and for how much time. Business Insider has an amazing Guide on How to Figure out Who has Blocked you on Instagram. You can check it out for further details.

Location Issue: Try a VPN!

VPN for Can’t Send Message on Instagram

If you are one of the Individuals who Can’t Send Messages on Instagram but is able to do everything else just fine, then you might have a Location Issue at your disposal. In order to actually do this, you need to close the Instagram Application, find a good VPN, connect to it and then restart your Instagram Application.

It is more like a passageway for you to enter the Instagram DM section. Once you are in, you don’t have to be active on VPN all the time. Thank us later for that!

Instagram Server Might be At Fault: Verify it!

Server Issue on Instagram

There are Servers for all the Social Media we use including Instagram. These are large stacks of powerful computers doing everything, including storage of your precious Data. It is a computer after all and there might be an issue related to it.

At that time, the Instagram Application might misbehave, resulting in you being unable to send messages on Instagram. It has happened, it happens, and will happen on future occasions.

You can check out Instagram Tweets or check the news to know whether it is the fault of the Server, a common issue to several users or not. You can also get the DownDetector Program to know about Server Faults.

Device Update Might be Available

Device Update available

It is highly not the case but it still might be the reason behind the Can’t Send Message on Instagram Issue. Whether you are using iOS or Android, you can go to settings and check your Smartphone Update.

If there is an Update Available, then it might fix the issue of you not being able to send Instagram Messages. Still, it is unlikely the case here with Instagram, but if you tried other Steps in our How to Fix Can’t Send Messages on Instagram Issue Guide, then why not one another?

Instagram Might be At Fault: Wait for a Fix!

Instagram issue when Can’t Send Message

Last but not least, there might be something wrong with the Social Media Application, related to its services or its features like sending messages. If that issue hits a specific spot, it will give errors on that part, and the same thing happens with Instagram Messaging.

It might also be the case that Instagram Temporarily Disables the Instagram Messaging or DM to fix that issue back-end. So, check Instagram Social Media for official news on this matter or Talk with Customer Support.

Final Verdict

Well, these are all the points to look after on How to Fix Can’t Send Message on Instagram Issue. Keep in mind that is highly unlikely that your device update might be available that caused the issue or there is a location-related problem. You need to jump straight to Instagram Blocking your or a certain person Blocking you. Then, you need to check whether your Internet Connection is strong or not which caused the Instagram Message Issue.

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